Are there any left-handed game protagonists? Ever?

(Not counting sprite characters that flip hands depending on which way they're facing.)

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Of course! I forgot that the greatest Video Game hero of them all is a lefty!

The Chex Warrior.

@Taweret Only during the Gamecube and N64, era though.

It was just a phase he was going through.

@apLundell lists a bunch of characters, including some video game characters such as:
- Chrono (from Chrono Trigger)
- Sephiroth (from Final Fantasy; a villain though)
- Nightmare (Soul Calibur; another antagonist though)
- Bart Simpson (The Simpsons; not sure if he's portrayed accurately in games though)
- Sheva Alomar (Resident Evil 5; primarily a secondary character for co-op, though can be unlocked as primary character.)

@FiXato Hmm...

I'll allow Sheva Alomar.

Chronotrigger is a classic, but I thought Crono was one of those characters that was lefty or righty depending on which way he was facing?

I see he's lefty on the cover art, so I *suppose* that counts.

@apLundell my favourite homage to this game is how Doom GDX has an optional Chex cursor in the video options.

@mal This is a good example of how the Internet has completely ruined cereal box prizes.

Instead of just opening the box and getting a thing, now you have to sign up for spam and collect enough points. Bleh. Not worth it.


That's what all the crypto doubters said at first "hard currency is better than crypto!" but I just paid for a pizza using my hard earned buzzcoins

@apLundell @mal

Back in my day the "prize" was this little plastic toy that you would play with for 10 minutes and forget about it.

Either your Dad would step on it randomly and start cussing while grabbing his foot. Or you would one day find it chopped up into a ton of tiny pieces by the lawnmower one day.

@Taweret Chex Quest is actually quite good.

If you like Doom, and don't mind a little whimsy, you'd like Chex Quest.

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