Any gun nuts out there?

What's the mechanism that's attached to this antique handgun?

Is it a self-timer like on a camera? That seems like a bad idea.

@apLundell weird. it's clearly a flintlock piece, so that strange thing on top isn't part of the lock.

what's the image source?

@Catpult Just a stock photo site. The entire description is "Antique Pistol". So that's useless.

@Catpult I also don't know if the legs up front are part of the piece or just for the photo.

Looking more closely, I'm not even sure it IS a gun. If it has a barrel, it must be very narrow.

@Catpult Oh. I get it now.

The lack of a barrel was the key. The barrel is actually that vertical can to the right of the hammer.

It's a powder tester. You fire it and the blast spins the wheel.

@apLundell and google auto-completes "flintlock powder tester" :D

your mystery is solved, Hurray! Now i can stop reading clickbait about guns on Cracked. hehehe

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