I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.


I'll admit this isn't a rational concern, but I feel like if I change my profile image, I need to update it to make it look about nine years older.

I mean, I know it isn't a dating site photo, but these are the things I worry about.

@apLundell just image google "anime" and there ya go, perfectly acceptable profile pics.

@apLundell I admit it’s the first thing I saw today when I discovered you. But I looked further and I’m sure most everyone does.


Wait, maybe it's a good thing.

Like, I'm setting people's expectations low, so I seem smarter once they get to know me.

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