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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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Woo! Electricity!

Let's hope the gods are appeased and the electricity doesn't go out again.

I don't understand why this is so difficult.

I've played SimCity. Just find the wires that don't have electricity and hook them up to the wires that do have electricity.

This is lovely. No electricity again.

This must be the end times.

WOO! Electricity is back!

Precious electricity! What would we do without you?!?

Power failure in Lowell today. This trolley isn't going anywhere.

Makes a pretty photograph, though.

Archive dot org has copies of the VHS releases of the "Little Mermaid" tv show.

I don't have anything to say about that. I just wanted to point it out.

Funny how after watching this Youtuber try not to cry about how RetroGames Ltd ruined her career, I'm suddenly not interested in purchasing that "TheC64" retro-console I was looking forward to.

Really, it was shortsighted of Adam and Eve not to get a cutting from the tree of forbidden fruit.

They could have started an orchard.

I just remembered that I own a piece of history.

On this day in 2009 the "Balloon Boy" hoax occurred.

I wish that I could find relics of other major hoaxes and cons. I'd love to have a collection of them.

Hmm.. There's some kind of tour group outside my apartment.

I know this whole city is a historic park, but the tourists usually stick to the old industrial buildings.

Did the tour guide get lost?

It's so unfair.

Coldness is the _opposite_ of energy.

Wow, my electric bill for August was extremely high.

I guess my policy of keeping my apartment a cozy 60F (15.5C) should probably be reevaluated before next summer.

"There's a shortage of perfect pork-chops in this world."

I'm all about saving the environment, but if I order a USB cable direct from China because it's $2 cheaper, I expect them to immediately put it on the fastest jet aircraft available.

I know the Concords aren't rated for passengers anymore, so why aren't they being used to deliver my AliExpress orders?!?

Trying out new image viewing program on Windows, since the default one started asking for permission to do cloud-based face recognition.

So far "ImageGlass" seems to be the nice light-weight photo-viewer I want it to be.

Having a Pizza place right across the street that has internet ordering really makes it easy to spend too much money on dinner.

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