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Andy Lundell 💭 @apLundell

Fact : Ants are the best insect.

Working on a poker game for #Pico8.
Man, there's a lot of stuff that needs to fit onto the screen in a poker game.

@noelle I prefer to say "Yes, but only me."

The punchline comes when you follow the advice and now have to ask a question about how to use Y.

@CobaltVelvet I like this idea if the code could be made small enough to be unobtrusive.
Perhaps no larger than an avatar.

Not sure if that's enough bits, but perhaps if colors are used.

what if every toot had a qr-like cryptographic signature next to it, so you could even verify toots on screenshots shared somewhere else

@bradlibum C# is not strictly-speaking a C language, but it was an attempt to create a modern language from scratch with all the best aspects of Java and C++.

How successful Microsoft was at this lofty goal depends on who you ask, but few people think it's terrible.

@bradlibum What a question!

It defies simple answer. But I'll try.

C is a subset of C++ and ObjectiveC, so theoretically if all you had was a C++ compiler, and knowledge of C you could make software.
In practice C++ adds a lot of object oriented stuff that a C++ programmer would be expected to understand, and much more complex standard libraries.

ObjectiveC is the similar, but moreso, with additional features and syntaxes.

Thank you @CobaltVelvet for getting this instance back up. Much appreciated!

Hooray! Octodon is back!

Thank god. I almost had to read Twitter!

Pinball Wizard arcade finally closed. 😢

Their going out of businesses sale is a fun look at their "back room" though.

Either my phone's pedometer is on the fritz, or someone stole my phone and ran a half marathon while I was sitting here eating lunch.

So, did EVERYBODY burn themselves as a child with a car cigarette lighter, or was that just me?

If so, did you have a swirly shaped burn mark for a week?

@Averly I caught a lot of her VILE Henchmen.

I can't believe that not one of them could give me a straight answer about where she was.

On Twitter, they make it easier to identify spammers, and celebrity impersonation accounts.

Haven't seen either on Mastodon ... yet.

@jason My deathbed secret is going to be how you can make money at home with no qualifications just by mailing envelopes!!!

I'm going to start ending phone calls by saying "Don't forget to like and subscribe! "

@mogwai_poet I'm encouraged by the rise of educational computers like the RaspPi, and fantasy emulators like the PICO-8.
They provide that manageable computer learning experience that we had. At least to those who want it.