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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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I don't understand why my Steam downloads are being capped at 1.0MB/s, but I don't appreciate it.

At this rate, I won't play the new Half-Life game until tomorrow!


I have to admit.

There's some part of me that's glad that the year 2020 is unfolding like a sci-fi novel.

I mean, it's too bad it's a dystopic disaster, but deep down, we all knew it would be.

I've been busy and not paying attention to Mastodon for a week or so, so anybody who's changed avatar in the last seven days is basically a new person to me now.

Oh sure, shortly after getting that email, I got another one telling me that my payment info had been successfully processed.

Oh well. I guess the reason I pre-ordered the collector's edition was because I was happy to give them my money.

But it's still a weird duo of emails to send out.

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Just got an email that my copy of "Disaster Report 4" will be delayed because C-19!


Now it's effecting video games?!?

That's it. Now this virus is *serious*.

Either something has gone terribly wrong with the pigments in this old paint, or Saint Corona might have been from Orion.

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I like to imagine prayers arriving in heaven as emails.

According to Snopes, "Saint Corona" is a mostly forgotten saint from the 100s who, until this month, was only invoked for "Superstitions about treasure-hunting".

Just imagine her sitting up on a cloud and checking her email and suddenly there's about a million unread prayers.

It must be completely overwhelming.

I'm sad this story is fake. It would be amazing.

Dumb. But Amazing.

That businessman on the top card is R.W. Sears. CEO of Sears Roebuck.
It's the first card of a set of cards showing the inside of the Sears mail-order facility.

This was a pretty common set of cards. It's not particularly exciting, but I assume it was cheap since it's basically advertising.

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Organizing my Stereograph cards.

If this fad from the 1920s ever comes back into fashion, I'm all set!

Cleaning out a closet, I found two full 2oz bottles of hand sanitizer.

For a total of 4 fluid ounces of the precious fluid.

I'm basically rich now.

The sign language guy at press conferences must be the hardest working guy in politics.

It's adorable how businesses that are new to work-from-home still think VIDEO conferences are a good idea.

[3d printing talk] 

Had to go to the post office today. The streets are strangely empty of people, but there are still plenty of parked cars.

A restaurant near me has a signboard saying "We sell loaves of bread!!"

I think they always did that, but I'll bet it's suddenly become a big part of their business, since all the stores are not just out of bread and pasta, they're also out of flour.

You know what I've only ever seen in movies?

Prophets of doom.

This seems like a good time for one.

If there isn't a crazy person on my street corner wearing a hand-drawn sandwich board by the end of the week, I'm going to have to do it myself.

Watching Gov. Baker's emergency press conference from earlier today. (Here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.)

I still wouldn't vote for the guy, but it's nice to see a press conference by public official who acts like a grownup entrusted with an important job.

There are a FEW good plague movies on Archive :

Things To Come (1935)- This early talky is a landmark science fiction film. Worth watching.

Panic In The Streets (1950) - A Noir-style drama about health department agents trying to track down patient zero.

Last Man On Earth (1964) - Vincent Price stars in a film based on 'I Am Legend'. He plays it very differently than Will Smith did.

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Current events has me watching plague movies.

I'm trying to find the oldest plague movie on, but there sure aren't many of them.

Looks like plague movies weren't very popular in the olden days, and the few that were made weren't preserved.

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