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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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Turns out "The Illustrated London News" had all kinds of fantastic front pages.

If newspapers looked like this, I'd probably actually buy one.

Someone down on the street just shouted at the top of his lungs "There she is! I found her!"

Dear software/game designers,

If you find yourself "ironically" naming your project with the prefix "Yet Another", maybe take a step back and ask yourself if it's really as ironic as you think it is.

Playing with Anti-aliased line-drawing in Pico-8.

CPU usage is not fantastic, but not as bad as I was expecting.

Oh. Here's the product the world was waiting for. A realistic ("reborn") doll of a baby Na'vi from 'Avatar'.

(I think Avatar II is going to feature a baby, so he's your chance to get ahead of the trend.)

I still don't understand these creepy dolls that AliExpress et al are suddenly full of.

Are they a reference to something? Based on an Anime or something?

Or are they just a line of really creepy dolls that people buy for some reason?

Browsing AliExpress's "DIY Master" "Lifestyle Collection", they sure offer a lot of patches that signify you as a member of a white supremacist anti-government militia.

Is that what it takes to become a "DIY Master"?

For every listing on AliExpress there's at least one one-star review from a European who's shocked that they have to pay import duties.

Yeah buddy. That's how your country works. Did you think ordering a product from China didn't count as an import?

Seen on Aliexpress.

I guess you press this key to seize the means of production?

In "Beauty and the Beast", Beast was illiterate, right?

Did he know what kind of books were stocked in his library?

It's lucky they were the kind of epics that Belle liked.

Imagine if he was all "Look, Belle! Books! You like books, right?" and she said "Yeah, but these are all out-of-date legal texts. Was your father a lawyer?"

On the topic of Star Trek books on Amazon, I'm loving the one-star reviews for "A Very Klingon Khristmas".

Today is Star Trek Voyager's birthday!


Incidentally, did you know that Neelix wrote a cookbook?

He did, and it's on Amazon.

I'm going to start using the phrase "Boxed Set" to refer to anything I've purchased that came in a box.

"Plastic drinking straws? Yeah, I've got a boxed set of those."

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The baby toy I keep on my desk as a fidget toy has broken.

The identical toy I gave to my one year old niece is still intact.

How is it that I'm harder on my toys than a toddler?!?

I've noticed that all the China-based online discount stores have started pushing some really creepy dolls.

Is this some new fad I wasn't previously aware of?

They look like something your great-grandma collected except most of them are horrible human/monster hybrids.

Walking past a local business I looked in the window and thought "Wow, They've got an impressive podcasting setup."

Turns out it was a radio station.

Am I going crazy, or did google just now change what search results look like?

This looks different to me.

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