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You don't even have to put ice in there. Nobody checks that.

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What a man as a crane; It was vaginoid duply, And labial quadruply -- In the crotch of a wench.

Ooo. It's showing of our home screens a thing today?

Ok, here's mine. I can't decide if I like this look or not, but it's a fun change from the normal look.

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I wish I could make my phone (and my PC) use the official reference emoji published by the Unicode people.

I like their slightly retro line art.

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I've gone back to carrying a good amount of cash.

It's honestly faster then paying by credit cards. I don't know how that happened, but peak credit card convenience was about 2005.

Oh, This expensive new technology works better if you have a "Cluttered" desk?


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@apLundell I once interviewed for a company that was making a VR teleconferencing system. It was going well until they told me I'd have to work on-site (in SF) and I asked them if they saw the irony in that.

They didn't.

In the future, live cats will be used as currency.

I sure hope they can find a way to eliminate jobs and replace local businesses with global corporations!

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According to Wikipedia, there's a town in Russia that has a Monument to Chocolate!

That's the kind of statue we can all get behind!

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I just realized, with Wii-U and 3DS being end-of-lifed, there soon won't be a game console with a stylus.

That's kind of too bad.

Casual reminder that #Mastodon is free, open source software, development of which is crowdfunded through Patreon:

If you care less about development, consider supporting your local instance admin instead (in case of that's still me and link above, YMMV)

List of #Mastodon sponsors:

iPhone X will not protect you from having your phone unlocked by a skilled shapeshifter. Only a blood test can identify a Founder.

Well, considering what they charge for these things, I guess it's a lot more cyber than punk ...

... But look, I put a HUMAN EYE on my web-cam to remind me that The Man is always watching.

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Got a new toy in the mail.

I'm now so cyberpunk that I've evolved past the need for monitors.

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Turns out the two largest files on my phone were really long videos of the inside of my pocket.

Well, that's 5gb of storage I can take back.

Remember: don't look directly at a hurricane without special glasses.

I optimized a lot my old dot tunnel, now I can display 48*48 dots at 60fps! :D

Live version + code source available here →

#pico8 #demoscene

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I've discovered that the only Star Wars book I own is the omnibus of Droids and Ewoks comics.

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I love the reference human in Wikipedia's dinosaur size charts.

I love how he's waving like he's posing for a vacation photo.

"And here's me about to be eaten by four dinosaurs at once!"

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