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So, everyone knows that there are iPad games designed for cats.

But they can't make much money. The culture on the iPad is that games should be less than a dollar and make their money in In-App Purchases, but cats have no language skills, and so can't remember their app store password.

Clearly cat developers should give up on the casual market, and make PC or console games for the hardcore gamer cats.

Imagine actually living in a mansion with this floor-plan.

Besides the lack of a first floor toilet, why is there so much wasted space? The rooms are just floating around in an ocean of corridor.


So I ordered an Arduino off Amazon, and for an extra $107 they offered to send someone to my home and professionally install it.

I was tempted to pay just to see what happened.

I hate it when stuff comes in cool boxes. Because I can't bring myself to throw away a cool box.

I'm never going to put my phone back in this box, and if it was a crappy box I'd have thrown it away three years ago. Instead it lives in my drawer taking up space.

Every time there's an accident with the Emergency Broadcast System, there's a danger that Trump will learn he has the power and authority to send unblockable text messages to every cell-phone in the USA.

Attention fantasy writers and set decorators : I grew up in the suburbs, and even I know that hay bales come from machines. They didn't have them in ye olde times.

Video-game level designers are probably the worst offenders of this one. They can't resist the temptation of a low-poly cuboid.

I hope that, one day, neural network AI content generation gets so good that I can just install a script on my TV called "Muppet Remake", and I can watch all movies that way.

I've tried to ride this out, but now that it's 2018, I'm finally going to just say it :
Stop describing cool videos as 'Oddly Satisfying'!! You know what would be satisfying? Using Different Words!

Ok... I've got IFTTT posting to Mastodon from Instagram, but it just gives a link to the image.

Mastodon doesn't expand it in the timeline.

Gotta figure out that next step.

Has anyone done this successfully?

What?!? I thought pizza places had to stay open no matter what, like hospitals!

We're all laughing at people from Oregon for being afraid of self-service gas even though it's great for the rest of the country.

This is probably how the rest of the developed world feels about us and socialized healthcare.

As a left-handed person. This is the one night a year I regret not buying a pair of lefty scissors.

Important question : Does having a bright red headlamp actually make it any safer to fly a small aircraft through heavy fog?

Asking for a friend. He needs to know before tomorrow night.

Forgot to bring a coffee this morning.

I may die.

I wish Mastodon let you save GIFs *AS* GIFs.

Twitter won't give you that option because they want to force you to share only through their platform, but Mastodon could let us download the original format.

(Even if it uses mp4 for display for bandwidth reasons.)

Right now, at least a dozen people are frantically re-writing their upcoming Medium dot com posts from "How this loss is really a victory" to "How this win is really a defeat."