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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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Remember that time you were late for a final exam you totally forgot about, so you had to drive a car from the passenger seat, but once you got there you were trapped in a maze that was kinda like your old high school?

Audible gives me a graph of all the books I've bought from them.

I like how the graph doesn't line up properly.

Apparently, I've purchased about four and two thirds books.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with this information.

Turns out the Audible app has achievements? Why?!?

Even funnier is the fact that I seem to have gotten more than half of them despite only having five Audible books. (And no subscription.)

My 3D printer has one of these silly things dangling off the side so I don't have to handle a MicroSD card with my stupid fingers.

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Pet Peeve : MicroSD cards in devices that have plenty of room for a full sized card.

Why use the tiny card? Why?

I guess nobody told the weather that we've ran out of storm names.

Say hello to tropical storms Alpha and Beta.

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Well, that's it. They've used up all of this year's hurricane names.

That means there can't be any more storms.

Found on, check out these cosplay costumes from WorldCon 1974.


(From issue 06 of the sci-fi zine "Thrust".)

This game looks generic as heck, but I'm curious about the weird capitalization of "FreeDom".

There are only three more names left in this year's list of names for Atlantic tropical cyclones.

This will probably be the second year ever where they run out of names.

Clearly this is the future, so my question is, why don't they plan names for Hurricanes X, Y, and Z?

BabyNameWizard Dot Com has plenty of usable names, such as, uh, "Xenophilius", or "Ziggy".

Perfectly usable names.

Oh. And I have to recompile the firmware. Fantastic.
WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? This is a factory-standard option.

Just give me what I need.

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My new 3d printer comes with an automatic bed-leveling sensor. That's great.

... to install the factory-included sensor, I have to print out a mounting bracket.

Come on. Why would you do that? Just give me the bracket.

A few years ago I got a cardboard fireplace as a tacky X-mas decoration.

I've actually left it up. I like the aesthetic : An obviously cardboard replica of what would be a rather classy fireplace.

However, absentmindedly putting my iced coffee down on the entirely cardboard mantelpiece was a mistake.

Sometimes I get a package from China, and the return address is hilarious when transliterated to English, and it makes me worry I'm trapped in a racist SNL sketch.

If CBS's Star Trek department was braver, they'd put a Caitian crew-member on one of the Live-action shows.

(This piece was manufactured sometime between 1952 and 1955, and probably spent many years in storage before it came to me.)

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Does anybody know anything about repairing leather?

This old camera case is coming apart on me, but I'd really like to keep using it.

That crease is supposed to act like a hinge, but it's just breaking apart.

Any suggestions on the best way to fix it?

When I'm King of The World, I'm going to ban that fake leather stuff that is really nice when it's new but two years later turns into a flaky mess.

You know the stuff.

Pointless old-man pet peeve of the day :

Retro gaming You-Tubers who don't seem to realize when an old game depended on composite CRT artifacts.

1) Transparency effects in Sonic and other Genesis/Mega-Drive games.

2) CGA games designed for composite monitors.

Yeah, those look garbage on modern displays, but they didn't back in the day. Don't use them to laugh at how bad games used to be!

Besides the MMO, It doesn't look like there was ever a Star Trek game that was an RPG or life sim in any way.

You either get a point and click adventure or something that focuses on combat.

There's like fifty games on this list. You'd think they'd have tried it at least once.

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