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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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These are actually from a patent Nintendo filed for a gameboy-based text messaging service. (US6716103B1)

To use emoji, you'd need these "symbol cards" that would have been sold in retail blind bags.

Somehow I like the idea of having to physically collect emoji, even though that's absurd.

I don't have it yet, but I'm noticing a pattern among people who have the new Red Dead.

For the first two days they're impressed by how much the game is improved over the previous.

Then after that, they complain about how it's more fiddly and they spend more time on busy work.

Oh no. @Lazy8Studios is shutting down "Extrasolar". This is a real tragedy.

If you've never played this sci-fi game about piloting a NASA-style rover on an alien world, try it right now.

You've got less than a month before it disappears for good.

@apLundell @apLundell One big toothed low down swimmy guy, at your service!

I keep hoping that someone will make a modern console that revolves around a light-gun.

And then someone will surely convert all those horrible/wonderful 3DO games to the new format.

The ones where they clearly just got everyone in the office to dress up as a pirate, or a terrorist or whatever.

Why is 'The Oregon Trail', the only notable computer RPG about real historical events?

In all of human history, are there no other adventures worthy of a video game?

Look if you're crossing the street and haven't paid this month's pedestrian-avoidance transponder subscription fee, I don't know what you expected to happen.

Take some personal responsibility.

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If you build an AI robot capable of feeling pleasure, it will discover a way to masturbate.

Stickers are the foundation of our Democracy.

Be suspicious of anyone who voted but didn't take a sticker because they "don't care about stickers".

Next time I want to use that talking voting machine with the headphones.
I'm not blind, it just looks like it might be fun.

I could go in without my glasses if that helps.

Did you know you can just BUY these things?

9 bucks on Amazon and you're set for life. Don't even have to leave the house.

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A while back I made a joke that cats needed to get beyond iPad games and upgrade to console games.

Silly me, cat gamers have already gone more hardcore than I expected.

Turns out there is a modern cartridge for old NES systems, specifically designed to be played by cats.

I'm sad that it's sold out.

Decided it was time to double-check the first-aid kit I've kept in my kitchen for years.

Ok then. I guess I'm prepared for anything.

Bobby Boris Pickett did a lot of sequels to "The Monster Mash", and most of them were terrible.

His final one was pretty good, though.


Wow, Early prototypes of the Apollo program were certainly very different.

Don't they stop serving beer during the 7th inning?

That means there have now been more innings without beer than innings with beer!

Ok, look. I only watch a couple Baseball games per year.

The least they could do is end it in a timely fashion.

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