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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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On the topic of Star Trek books on Amazon, I'm loving the one-star reviews for "A Very Klingon Khristmas".

Today is Star Trek Voyager's birthday!


Incidentally, did you know that Neelix wrote a cookbook?

He did, and it's on Amazon.

I'm going to start using the phrase "Boxed Set" to refer to anything I've purchased that came in a box.

"Plastic drinking straws? Yeah, I've got a boxed set of those."

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The baby toy I keep on my desk as a fidget toy has broken.

The identical toy I gave to my one year old niece is still intact.

How is it that I'm harder on my toys than a toddler?!?

I've noticed that all the China-based online discount stores have started pushing some really creepy dolls.

Is this some new fad I wasn't previously aware of?

They look like something your great-grandma collected except most of them are horrible human/monster hybrids.

Walking past a local business I looked in the window and thought "Wow, They've got an impressive podcasting setup."

Turns out it was a radio station.

Am I going crazy, or did google just now change what search results look like?

This looks different to me.

I've acquired an interesting-looking book.

I expect this to be very illuminating.

If I'm elected president, I'll put all our resources into being the first to Alpha Centauri.

You know what video game trailers don't need?

The hero standing on a precipice while the camera slowly rotates around him.

Pro-Tip for any aspiring game developers out there : January is not the season for Christmas games.

I love it when I see a new game on Steam, and I recognize the unity asset it's 100% based on.

"Pinball Creator" is an amazing Unity asset. You could make some really nice stuff with it.

But I've seen their demo level being sold on Steam by at least three different people.

Here's the latest.

On the plus side they DID try to modify it a bit.

And the minus side, they made it look so much worse.

The Librarian said they suspended my library card because my PO box expired.

I went to the post office and the postman said the library was crazy. Then he handed me the packages that were sent to my PO box.

These people can't get their stories straight. Clearly they're hiding something sinister.

Someone should use assets from the Star Trek animated series, and voice clips from the original series, to make a Star Trek Christmas Special.

I'll bet it could be done so well that you could tell people it was a lost episode of the animated series.

The local library has suspended my card until I prove my identify and address. ... just like they made me do six months ago when I got the card.

They must have evidence that I've been replaced by a replicant.

Would I know if I was a replicant?

They use the Space Station for experiments that need to be free from the effects of gravity.

But it occurs to me that it would ALSO be a good place to run experiments that need to be free from the effects of ghosts.

I had always known there was a 3rd-party expansion to Duke Nukem 3d called "Nuclear Winter".

I didn't realize until this year that it was a Christmas pack, so this holiday season I finally tried it.

Wow, it was god-awful. I can't believe 3DRealms authorized it.

The writing is worse than DNF, and the art. The art is hilariously bad. It's like the original professional art with MS-Paint doodles over it.

Imagine paying money for this.

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