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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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I'll never understand the fascination with the Oak Island "Money pit".

Even if we believe that most of the 'evidence' found there is real, then it's clear that the site was dug into more than once before it was "discovered".

It really takes a "true believer" to think that a mysterious person dug into a "money pit" for any reason other than to take the money.

And, of course, if the 'evidence' is fake, then the whole thing is even MORE pointless.

"Listen!, Your house is on fire everyone is going to die unless you --"

" using a call screening service from Google"

"Ugh, nevermind." [click]

I just did a Google Image search.

The first hundred results were all from Pinterest, and not one of them was what I was searching for.

Why hasn't Google banned them for SEO spam?

Revisiting a few showcase items from my library that didn't earn their membership by way of their contents.

[prompt via @apLundell ]

@apLundell Oh, gads, my brother-in-law is a bit conspiracy-minded and he's said some things that make us think he's maybe bought the Titanic-swap conspiracy.

My mother, a clinical psychologist, has kept a book she needed for her master's, wholly because the author was Edwin Boring, and so the spine reads, 'A History Of Experimental Psychology - Boring'.


Oh absolutely. A handbook for mistresses. A quiz book to find out if you're transhuman/posthuman. Lots of pulp novels with covers/titles I like.

So does anybody else have books on your bookshelves that you keep because it's funny even though you have no intention of ever reading them?

Here's my favorite book I'll never read. It's a conspiracy theory about how the Titanic didn't actually sink. I think it cost me $1.

The best movie was the original. I know that. We ALL know that.

BUT the best individual Ghostbuster was Holtzman. To not bring her back for the next movie is a big miss.

I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to track down copies "Mercy Point".

It's just a hospital drama in space, and I hate hospital dramas.

"Get her to zero-g surgery! STAT!"

I wonder if they ever explain why they built an entire space station that's just a hospital.

Feature Request : Reply, Retoot, and Fav buttons should go inactive for an eighth of a second after a feed updates.

Ok, fine. I'm joining the cool kids and watching that old series from the 90s about a space station.

Is there not a verb version of the word "paranoid"?

I was sure there was a word "Paranoy" meaning "to make paranoid", but no dictionaries seem to agree with me.

Not even my actual dictionary made of paper.

Uh, hello, Steam algorithm? I think I've got some bad news for you.

Here's a headline we keep seeing.

"We replaced humans with algorithms and it didn't work, so now we're replacing algorithms with "machine learning"."

I want to see a movie set in a dark dystopia where instead of saying "goodbye", people say "don't forget to like and subscribe".

Today I finally set up my HTC Vive VR thing in my new apartment.

"Room Scale" VR is really amazing when you have a room to dedicate to it.

... But it makes me realize how lucky I am to actually HAVE a room I can dedicate to it.

Home VR is going to have a tough road ahead of it if the only people who really see how amazing it is, are people with a spare room they're not using!

Imagine if librarians acted like the YouTube algorithm.

"Checking out a book about the Apollo program, eh? Well, many of our most, uh, 'enthusiastic' patrons enjoy books about the moon hoax conspiracy. Let me put a couple in your bag for you."

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