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Andy Lundell 💭 @apLundell

@SarcasmKid All the food at the party should be made from canned spiced ham.

@KitRedgrave Many of them are made in tools like Unity that can export to different platforms, including HTML5.

Reminder : If you want your phone to have electricity, you need to plug in the charging cable at BOTH ends.

Pet peeve: People who (incorrectly) insist that US currency is made of cloth.

(It's worse if they use the word "Technically" when describing this belief.)

If you were constructing the most perfect possible Ghostbusters team, obviously you'd want Holtzmann because she's the best Ghostbuster.

But would that disqualify Egon Spengler because you only need one engineer? Because that'd be a shame.

Still working on my poker game. Just re-wrote the AI. Much happier with it now. This project is harder than I anticipated.

Remember A few weeks ago, everyone was criticizing that New York Magazine article for implying that melting tundra might release methane?

I'd be more inclined to pitch into the donation drive if the pitch didn't start ", which began as a small one-person effort in 1994 [...]"

One person? It was a husband-wife project! Just because she divorced you, doesn't mean she never existed!

@MightyPork Sure. Use a fork and call it "Fried Potato Salad."

Ketchup is a form of dressing.

If "avuncular" describes someone who acts like an uncle, is there also a word that means "acting like an aunt"?

When they launch a new warship, they bolt on a temporary piece of metal so the champagne bottle doesn't damage the hull.

Glad they started doing that. We've lost too many good ships to champagne bottles.

@KitRedgrave Oh wow. I just hit the "Random" link and was immediately taken to a wallpaper I used for years ... but not for a decade. Wow.

@ajroach42 @jalefkowit Amiga video toasters survived surprisingly long.

If the world hadn't made the switch to HD, There'd probably still be some in use.

Why are googly eyes only available in stick-on form? Why not magnetic?

@Talyaa It's being held in an escrow account in your name. You can't hide from it forever!

Maybe you had the idea those 35 lbs of cheese was optional . You were wrong.

@jalefkowit Yes! When I was in 8th grade, i lusted after a psion 3!

Who knows what i would have actually done with it.