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I really need to get around to drawing a new profile thumbnail. Red hats really went out of style hard back in 2016.

I keep hoping they're going to come around again so I don't have to redraw it. I hate drawing.

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With all this anticipation about the vaccine, I think we've lost sight of the fact that NEEDLES ARE SCARY!

My internet stopped working for a second.


Book Report : "Humble Pi" - Matt Parker (2020) 

On minor complaint : A lot of this is stuff I'd already seen this guy cover on his YouTube channel. I understand content-repackaging is a vital part of any independent creator's strategy, but I'm still allowed to be a little disappointed by it.

Bookmark used : This actual bookmark that I must have gotten with my copy of "Mail Order Mysteries"

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Book Report : "Humble Pi" - Matt Parker (2020) 

What I liked about it is that it doesn't focus on the spectacular. It mentions things like Mars Climate Observer, but only briefly. You get the feeling that he included things like that because if he didn't he'd get a million emails reminding him about it. Instead the book tends to focus on more obscure things that had more minor consequences, but were caused by interesting mistakes. Interesting mistakes and why people make them are the focus.

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Book Report : "Humble Pi" - Matt Parker (2020) 

This is YouTube comedian Matt Parker's book. He describes himself as a "Stand-up mathematician", so you can guess this was a pretty light-hearted book.

This is a light-hearted look at examples of people making simple math mistakes or bad math assumptions that have real-world consequences.

Here is a rather long article from CNN's front page about how guilty we should feel for not reading pages of autobiographical blog-post when we're trying to find a recipe.

Does using a typewriter to print labels make someone more or less qualified to serve on the school board?

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Actually, forget that contradiction. I'm more curious about how the label was printed.

Was this done with a type-writer?

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The envelope was left on my door.

Inside is a pamphlet from a local politician asking for money.

I don't understand. How is that not a fundraiser?

white rabbit hole, peter pan mini golf, barton springs road, austin, texas, 1983

Here is a headline in the Boston Globe. It's about a young girl and her lemon-aid stand.

Oh wow. Notifications on octodon are time-traveleing.

This must be our flashback episode.

When I'm King of the World, it will not only be legal to vandalize outdoors TVs, but the vandals will be able to collect a bounty for doing so.

(I hope I can count on your vote in the next King of the World elections.)

I love my bread machine, but why can't it be the first stage of a fully automated lunch-creation machine?

Modern technology is such a half measure. Where's the future Sci-Fi promised us?!?

There are YouTube videos where people make muppet-style puppets.

They make it look so easy.

I'm guessing the ACTUAL frequently asked question was something like "How many milliliters is 3 teaspoons?", but Google helpfully Americanized it for me.

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Flash photography looks better if the flash is a few feet away from the lens.

On modern phones the flash is just a single LED.

So why don't they put it on the end of a collapsible arm, like the antenna on an old radio?

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