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food question, vegan/vegetarian 

Kiddo wants to eat less meat.

About the only things kiddo willingly eats are potatoes and meat.


The usual american go-to kids foods like pbj sandwiches and pizza she won't touch.

I could use some ideas. :boost_ok:

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Can someone help me please? Trying to find people I can follow here. If you're interested in tech, information security and related topics, would you mind following me? Wanna make some friends here.


Went out for a little while and came back to the cats having stolen our chairs

Tenzing got so frustrated that Simone wouldn’t go the direction he wanted, he gave up and asked to go in.

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@nev they have a gentle feud with people who use vi/vim pronouns

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"Mx." stands for Meta-x and is the term of address for non-binary people who use emacs


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