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Copyright means that it's right to copy something, it's in the word

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Right now I am thinking about "self-driving cars" and how much of a dangerous mess the current state of that is, and about blue-sky predictions of stuff like mesh networks between self-driving cars that coordinate their needs

and I just have this sudden vision of mesh-networked self-driving cars forming *packs* and actively working to block human-driven cars (or self-driving cars on incompatible networks/protocols) from entering the chunk of highway space they control "for safety".

I also have some semi-related unarticulated thoughts about how *anything* shaped like "a market" will inevitably be bent to serve the desires of the richest assholes using it at the expense of the entire rest of the world unless the government regulates the fuck out of it.

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Why does "fungibility" not mean "possessing the proportional skills and powers of a mushroom"

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Do you use an RSS/Atom reader?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

Simone is learning to build a traditional Swedish log cabin

Was taking Tenzing out for his first walk since the ice storm and met another cat in the back yard!

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