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There was a tag about and I finally got one of my exposing their tummy.

That feeling when it's your spouses music that you can't find valid metadata and cover art for.

But all your albums even the ones you thought were rare were all well documented.

When storing music in an Artist / Album layout. When encountering Asian names should one:

I'd tried to tag some music using mutagen but then some of it wouldn't play on my real or virtual squeezeboxes.

I'd ended up with embedded cover art that was too large. I finished a small program to resize the art to something likely to fit and it worked.

Now I can go back to updating my local music repository metadata.

covid gibbering 


(So much anxiety. So much danger outside)

Since I can't get ice cream from the CSA and I don't want to order from a grocery store during the surge.

My family got to experience my first try at making vanilla ice cream. I had some problems with chilling the base down so it didn't quite freeze enough in the ice cream maker. But they liked it.

I really hate cooking, but man do I like eating....

I wanted to share this from Twitter.

Awww... The rich evangelicals are mad they can't infiltrate the angry transgendered movement, because it's a bunch of friends who know each other, are bound together by a common experience, and know they need to work together?

Original post:

"One more from anon DM, a screenshot from a document where right wing / evangelical (?) groups are discussing their inept attempts to "infiltrate" the "TRAs"...""

Home cooking 

I spent the whole day cooking...... My legs are in pain.

Pie from scratch takes hours to to prepare.

But hey at least I have pie.

(I'd also cooked lunch, dinner, and breakfast patties, and to be fair there's a fair bit of waiting around for the pie.)

If your curious it was Be Quiet 601 case with Be Quiet CPU cooler, and fanless Seasonic power supply. I think the video card is a quietish Nvidia from around the 900-1040 era.

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I win.

I built a gaming computer so quiet we didn't even notice it had accidentally been turned on.

Spouse is watching a RiffTrax viewing of "Space Mutiny" (1988)...

I'm wow check out those sweet IBM Model M keyboards.

Though I do like modern flat panels far more than CRTs.

This was shared by a climate group on twitter...

"There's racism in our food system, too. Here's how to combat it."

Do you have to like Emacs to use Guix?

This was a pretty good essay on how social media that sorts by "popular" leads to misinformation, and how the following/unfollowing mechanic leads to information bubbles.

They also observed that lies liked by conservatives circled separately from the fact checks that were liked by liberals.

(Both sides can fall for misinformation, but at least right now, conservatives are more susceptible).

I got tired of kid stealing my computer to play video games, and my older computers are too old to be pressed into service.

So most of a new computer is show up soon. (That old seasonic power supply better work)

Concentrating on work is pretty hard when your spouse and kid are fighting over keeping the kid in the school class meeting.

The Sting album "...Nothing but the sun" doesn't show up very well on Linux systems.

Although, it'd show up, but I'd never be able to cd to the directory again if I used … U+2026 horizontal ellipses.

Bandcamp purchases 

Now to get useful tags on them.

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