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Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers

Documents alleged to contain revelations on data and privacy controls that led to Cambridge Analytica scandal

I don't know, Facebook having to face some accountability to a government amuses me.

Lets see how that worked.

Insurance company says you must call us to cancel your policy.

California says you must accept an electronic cancellation.

Sent them an email through their web portal saying "I'd like to cancel" with links to the bill.

Other people around here might be interested in this too.

The Guardian's asking "Tell us about the things you do that represent non-capitalist living"

I saw this story on a list of proposed actions to cut to zero carbon. A surprising number of the actions targeted computing services (or is it just the cloud?)

I thought it might be interesting to others here.

"Data now has the same carbon footprint as aviation. A rapid rise in data processing has increased our energy use substantially. How can we use data more efficiently?"

New Horizon is going to do a flyby of a Kuiper belt object named Ultima Thule on Jan 1, 2019. (From )

I'm kind of shocked. The logitech media server airplay bridge and spotify connect apps worked together.

This was made noticeably more impressive to me because I just put all of it into an apparmor profile.

Heck I even managed to use the flatpaked proprietary spotify app to do its magic same network authentication.

uspol, trans rights 

When arguing with Trump supporters on birdsite I've noticed a thing.

They always refuse to trust the MSM, and they always, always link to some random terrible youtube channel to support their crazy conspiracy theory.

"When people feel condescended to by the media or told that they are simply rubes being manipulated — even by expert political manipulators — they are more likely to embrace those beliefs even more strongly."

The BBC quotes a Greenpeace activist summarizing the new IPCC summary for policy makers.

"Climate report: Scientists politely urge 'act now, idiots'"

I got a text message telling "D wants you to download $NAME Phone asap." link

So.... if you're the type of person who knows how to handle malware, let me know and I'll send you the url and source phone number

Man the kontact flatpak repository takes a long time to build.

I have this feeling Dan Vratil is going to get tired of me reporting bugs on the flatpak version of kontact. 5 of 9 were me.

uspol; global warming; such facepalming 

Anyone have suggestions for affordable networking hardware that supports isolated networks.

I just had this temptation to have an internet of things oven so I could start preheating before walking home.

But convenience with the risk of hackers or bad firmware burning my house down is not a good trade off.

Thats weird. A hurricane like thing in the Mediterranean?

Some awesome person wrote a program to parse my paycheck stubs and insert them into gnucash.

With each and every deduction properly accounted for.

High five past me!

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