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re: cw: more racism talk 

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Black Americans find that well meaning white Americans tend to disappear when breaking down systemic racism involves individual sacrifice.

I know of whites in single family neighborhoods saying "We have to have highways, but you can't build them near my home".

re: cw: more racism talk 

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I wonder how "Coyote and Crow" dealt with some of these issues?

I'd guess one step forward would be to listen to groups trying to break free of colonization and adopt some of their ideas (with proper acknowledgement).

re: cw: more racism talk 

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Charlie Stross has been theorizing that we are currently facing an international fascist movement.

(One example point)

cw racism (I guess the entire thread should've had that in the topic) 

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So it is very difficult to really know comparative intelligence... But there is evidence Neanderthals were at least as accomplished as Sapiens.

cw racism (I guess the entire thread should've had that in the topic) 

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I'm worried about Neanderthals being used to justify white supremacy too...

But it is true that Neanderthal's and Sapiens are considered separate species that interbred.

But I can also point to other stories about hybridizing species like polar and grizzly bears if that'd be better.

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I was going to say ancestry has positive connotation in some cultures, and we even use it to talk about the relationships between various operating systems, so it can be considered fairly generic.

(Also I've run into American right wing ideologues linking to Swedish racists, so I have had some hints about Sweden's issues.)

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Homo Neanderthal and Sapiens interbred.

I sometimes wonder if Neanderthal is the source of some of our "elf" legends. A mysterious, possibly smarter, but rare population slowly dying off....

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@Sandra @kensanata

Huh. "Type of being" reminds me of ontology and the study of how we know.... I bet the philosophers have tried to organize "types of beings"...

Not sure what "category" are you would be as comprehensible.

The largest category used in biology is "Domain"

@jacob I too am garbage at JavaScript. I just also see web process frequently pegged at 100% CPU


I blame javascript.

(It might not be the cause today, but it is a frequnt cause)

@Sandra @ttrpg I think background already gets used too much, origin? that might sound too supers like.

@arh @civodul

Maybe it could be called GNUT?

(For GNU Two)

(In my head pronounced like )

I don't know how to transfer video from twitter to here.

But this is a video from the Oregon Zoo of group of otters playing in a bucket of ice and it it is quite cute.

Drivers frequently say you can't limit cars what about disabled people?!?

Turns out there are bunches of people who can bike but not drive...

@CobaltVelvet Noooo!

Is there anyone nearby who could bring you food?

Having a cat on a lap is sometimes a good enough excuse to get a family member to bring me my water.

@Sandra Even dumber...

I sometimes see chains of
Re: Re: Re: Re: Why is reading so hard


Some cities have removed some highways for an overall improvement for their cities. But not all highways are good candidates right now.

There's a group that identifies some good choices for highway removal.

@dredmorbius I don't think so. I think the package leaves a bunch of junk behind

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