I sometimes wonder if what killed public transit ridership in the USA was outlawing segregated buses.
So look for significant changes after 1956.


Several projects I'm working with are using a tool called cromwell to develop multi cloud / cluster workflows.

I'm wondering if they named the output directory "cromwell-executions" thinking about Oliver Cromwell?


@lazarski @jeroenpraat

Yep. He sometimes released useful information but wikileaks' handling of personally identifiable information of common citizens was also pretty poor.


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I saw a story that the only way a company can show off its manufacturing skill is by making the laptop as thin as possible.

So they keep removing anything preventing them from making the laptop as thin as possible so ethernet ports are pretty big relative to the modern laptops...

@vantablack @adam_black Because my university only has an Apple store I have one of these apple.com/shop/product/MC704LL it's pretty useful to be get a modern ethernetless laptop connected.

Other thing you could do is download the driver debs to sd card, usb stick or a phone, connect to the machine in question and use dpkg -i <file>.deb to install them.

Otherwise good luck... installing can be a pain if you don't have a way of getting the drivers into the machine.

Hm. Though there's also the decay of local news due to Facebook / Google eating all the written word ad revenue. That allowed a handful of right wing billionaires to buy up and ruin local news.

Having functional local news seemed to be important for allowing people to trust news (possibly because it covered things you could experience)

There's certanly angry rightwing blowhards who are busy sowing doubt, distrust and anger... But even if they're not directly allied with the Russians like the NRA, the trolls may have played a significant roll in keeping entities like Alex Jones popular.

What if the social media and gaming toxicity was because of the Russian trolls?

I had been reading techcrunch.com/2019/03/24/wher and the author felt like things started getting much worse about 5 years ago. Which would match up with their efforts to sway the US election.

The Russian psyops campaigns are aimed at sowing distrust and doubt. So I was wondering, what if the trolls managed to set new more hostile social norms, and that's part of the reason mainstream social networks are so angry

@ohyran Also now that panic attack that included necrophiliac leprechauns makes more sense.

Good luck.

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At least from the stories I hear about students near UC Irvine, it can be remain pretty boring as you're still surrounded by cranky rich people.

@ohyran Wow...

City owned property and usable fireplaces. (Both things super rare in southern California.)

Also I look forward to seeing pictures of the watermill. And hope you get to have a fun time gaming with your friends.

@ohyran Just curious I'm guessing those buildings are multifamily housing? Are those blocky chimney looking things actually functional chimneys?

@dankwraith Wonder how hard it'd be to chop one of those big houses up and turn it into apartments?

Anyone know of a 10" tablet available for sale that can run lineage os or plasma mobile or gnome?

I'd like a larger tablet for reading.

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:) web searching for the phrase turned up a few different companies selling it. I saw one version with a cat, and a different with a dog

@cwebber A few days ago I saw someone with a hoody that had a picture of a cat sitting on a keyboard.

The text was (close to) "I are programmer now, I make computer go beep boop beep"

"The stage is set for record flooding now through May.”... "The outlook said 200 million Americans are at risk of experiencing flooding."


If you're on the eastern half of hte USA, now might be a good time to make sure you have an emergency kit and its supplies are current. (Unless you're near the Missouri river in which case its too late).

@Wolf480pl @clacke Though Norway has a lot of oil income the other Nordic countries don't and they're still internationally economically competitive and considered quite pleasant places to live.

(Yeah technically should've been CW uspol, but a) its not a depressing story, and b) people around here are interested in privacy issues & putting limits on tech monopolies so I thought would be more generally interesting.

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