@CobaltVelvet Yeah ... emacs is ... kind of a lifestyle.

If you're more used to vi there's "evil" mode to make emacs keybindings more vi like, and there's an extension for github.com/Somelauw/evil-org-m

Oooh. An outline editor might hit libreoffice next release in 7.1

(Currently there's a limited outline editor in impress)

@CobaltVelvet There's also GUI graph editors out there, and a tree is a type of graph...

@gamehawk we were living off of what I could get delivered from a CSA during our last covid surge. They leave the milk and cheese in some bags with ice packs, so frozen things are right out.

@gamehawk I bought her book. The base is quite good and I wasn't even willing to try making the fancy flavors

@CobaltVelvet :grin:

Perhaps you're experiencing a superposition of gender functions and your gender wave is still undecided

(To mix biology and physics wildly incorrectly)

I found the 5 genders:

"model_organism_sex": {
"enum": [

@kensanata @Sandra

The giant eel befrending was just charm monster.

However we felt like it wasn't the giant eels fault it got sucked into the dungeon and landed ontop of our heads, so we did carry it out and release it back into the river.

@craigmaloney Have you used 8x8 long enough to have opinions?

I have an old residential vonage account which is really expensive compared to other voip providers.

Especially since newer services are both cheaper and more featurefull..

@kensanata @Sandra

As for the angry owl bear we figured out what was making it angry, removed the curse, and left it where we found it.

@kensanata @Sandra

So.... Our solution was

Most frequently there was some entity in the intelligent groups that was pushing them to be hostile.

So to be fair there have been several targeted "regime change" operations. We freed one mite from kobold captivity and they were thankful.

But when we visited the mites, we led with saying hello, but ended up killing all the ones who attacked us.

Eventually some stragglers led by the one we befriended asked for help.

@gamehawk I think were beginning to run out of willing and or people who can manage the overly complex appointment systems.

@Sandra @ttrpg @kensanata

My most recent gaming group is the opposite.

We've managed to make friends with most bandits, kobolds (including the explicitly evil shaman), mites, some fae, lizard folk, swamp sorcerors, giant turtles, carnivorous mushrooms, some tatzlwyrm, a hill giant, one spriggan, enraged giant owl bears, maybe centaurs, an elasmosaur, and an eel.

We did not manage to make friends with spiders, a magically cursed bear, cultists , trolls, zombies, wyverns, or soul eaters.

This was a pretty interesting article.

"People often limit their creativity by continually adding new features to a design rather than removing existing ones"


And the embedded video is also worth it.


I'm backing up my kids first home directory.

@amiloradovsky @ajroach42 Virt-manager has worked pretty well for me, I think there's some spice support tools that I had to install into the windows VM.

But virt-manager is just a convenience, under the hood it's just running qemu.

And I'm pretty sure there's a way to do windows on xen as the big tech companies offer virtualized windows.

@silverspookgames Yep.

There's a number of indigenous people that are quite a bit better at managing ecosystems than western style capitalists.


(I don't if it's all, but there's certainly many.)

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