I was looking at my timeline, and I think gardeners have more pleasant to look at photos than safe streets advocates.




(Streets designed for cars are usually pretty ugly)

@AndresSalomon Did you see the USA Streetsblog where a UK official was thinking they should do something about dangerous SUVs?


@AndresSalomon Are they scoring bicycle friendliness by just by just checking how few SUVs there are?

I was trying to decide between writing a utility to help manage a home ldap server or trying to bake crackers last night.

Doesn't every need a home network with single sign on? I mean it is kind of annoying with different auth databases for mail, jabber, file sharing, source repositories...

And what if I want 802.1x so I can separate computers from IoT devices...

Is network and systems administration part of modern home making?

@polymerwitch Mycroft.ai is an attempt to build a voice assistant with varying degrees of privacy.

I've also seen instructions on how to use a camera equiped RPi as a doorbell.

But pretty much no major company is willing to forgo your tasty, tasty behavioral data.

Wishing and hoping doesn't make it compost or recyclable.

@aparrish And why do I want to unlock a way to the boss?

They'll just give me weird unimplementable requirements.

@CobaltVelvet I've heard that playing an out of phase version of tinnitus ringing can cancel it out.
It was advertised as a feature of a hearing aid a family member was talking about.

I have no idea if there's a DIY way of generating the anti-phase sound though.

@gamehawk Yeah they're kind of orientated toward parent intake. Though "community members" are involved in some of my kids schools committees.

Also my mom does some kind of dog reading therapy thing that I think she does through libraries?

@gamehawk I see people with reading themed shirts wandering to my kids school every morning.

So I assume reading volunteers isn't that uncommon.

@doctorflappy The capitalist media just shows us the tragedy on a loop to keep us frightened and watching so they can show more ads and make more money.


The researchers argue that is fine to say "white supremacist terrorists"

But using the terrorist's terms helps make it easier to find their propaganda.

Though 8chan deleting the manifestos might be more about them trying to avoid legal liability and social scrutiny.

@doctorflappy No.

Social scientists believe that the shooters engage in violence to draw attention to their cause.

Hiding it reduces the motivation for someone else to go sacrifice themselves for that cause.


It certainly seems like the theory that one attack triggers a bunch of copycats is happening.

I was having problems with elpy in emacs hanging and seeing these errors:

"error in process sentinel: elpy-rpc--default-error-callback: peculiar error: "aborted (core dumped)"

Turns out if you leave it pointing to an old virtualenv with an old python interpreter, it might start crashing when some dependency gets removed.

I want to open the windows to let in the few scraps of cold.

What kind of person starts using their grill at 11pm?

I do not like the smell of smoke

@Linux I was just hoping Valve would get Linux's graphics drivers to work reliably.

This is a lot of extra icing on our cake.

facebook shade, US violent hate crimes 

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