Kid drew a pair of pictures for me.

Robots riding bicycles on one side, and a no car sign on the other.

She also told me she didn't know how to get rid of cars while she gave me the picture

uspol, photo of a close the camps protest 

Also I wonder what event this diorama was memorializing.

I live in a warm place, but was sent to a cold place for a conference. I am confused by the force field protecting this pond.

New Horizon is going to do a flyby of a Kuiper belt object named Ultima Thule on Jan 1, 2019. (From )

Someone posted a pic of their desk for some other reason. I thought I'd share my mess.

I guess the @latimes was right, you do get terrible air quality from fireworks. Check out this map of the LA area from purple air.

(Though I think the 702 reading may be a broken sensor) If you click soon you can see in more detail

I stumbled onto an amazing photo, and there's a banner saying creative commons, so I'm going to share it.

Found on while I was looking for underground lakes.

I ran into a Union picnic today, which reminded me of a piece of 1900s era union protest sign that's depressingly relevant today.

I saw this on twitter, and thought it a surprisingly good illustration of identity on the net.

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