Gapminder produced a site called "Dollar Street" where they took photos of various families homes from around the world and common things like house, cooking equipment, and toilets and then sorted the families by monthly income.

There was a tag about and I finally got one of my exposing their tummy.

I wanted to share this from Twitter.

Awww... The rich evangelicals are mad they can't infiltrate the angry transgendered movement, because it's a bunch of friends who know each other, are bound together by a common experience, and know they need to work together?

Original post:

"One more from anon DM, a screenshot from a document where right wing / evangelical (?) groups are discussing their inept attempts to "infiltrate" the "TRAs"...""

Home cooking 

I spent the whole day cooking...... My legs are in pain.

Pie from scratch takes hours to to prepare.

But hey at least I have pie.

(I'd also cooked lunch, dinner, and breakfast patties, and to be fair there's a fair bit of waiting around for the pie.)

home cooking 

I tried to make quiche from scratch.... The pie crust edges were hard, though flaky.

On the whole it was pretty good though.

2nd grader refused to eat it.

food, baking 

Apple pie, but I have to wait until morning because I missed the part about waiting for 2 hours for the molten center to cool. And I said I'd wait because kid needed to sleep but wanted pie.

Google is now thought policing philosophical questions.

At least there were some rainbows on my drive to a conference for work

Kid drew a pair of pictures for me.

Robots riding bicycles on one side, and a no car sign on the other.

She also told me she didn't know how to get rid of cars while she gave me the picture

uspol, photo of a close the camps protest 

People outside Judy Chu's (CA-D) office protesting the Trump concentration camps (and support for Chu)

(Chu voted against the weaker Senate border bill.)

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