Anyone know anyplace where people are talking about raising kids with FOSS both for games and to avoid advertiser supported media & social networking

I'm really tired of arranging calls through zoom via SMSing other parents.

I've been slowly trying to hack something together between and .

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So does sound like a good hashtag on mastodon for being a free software parent in a sea of school districts and other parents tied to mega-corp controlled software?

@alienghic xmpp with a server that supports audio recordings and photos has been a huge help for me with my kid; live calls are nice but for quick messages a 30sec recording i can replay to hear correctly is wonderful

@feonixrift That makes sense for a younger kid.

I've gotten so many emoji walls and I think the tablet's autopredict has been helpful for my kid to communicate in text.

@devinprater @feonixrift Yep. Helping people with typing and spelling is a totally reasonable thing to want computers to do.

@alienghic Out of interest, does matrix/element meet your use case? Cross platform; available for iOS and Android (for most people); does text, voice, and video (and group video via jitsi).


I was using xmpp before there was matrix, so its partially habit, and partially I disliked some of matrixes design choices.

Matrix servers tend to be a heavier weight. Prosody & mumble can be really tiny. My prosody server looks like it's currently using about 25 MB resident.

Also matrix seemed like it prioritized keeping a permanent log, and I think defaulting to deleting chat messages after a while is a good idea

@neil I do think matrix is a bit closer to what people used to slack and discord expect out of a modern chat client, and matrix did have a lot of excitement leading to a lot of development.

Though as time as progressed some of the things they complained about with xmpp are happening to them. Where bridges get old and don't always work and clients don't support the latest features.

@alienghic You make a convincing case!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with - the last time I played with xmpp on iOS, I couldn’t get push messaging to work, so it was very battery hungry.

@neil That'd be one of the tough things to get right.

I heard has a specific iOS app, it looks like they made progress on push for iOS.

@alienghic Nice! It looks like it has prosody modules for the notification system. I look forward to reading about your efforts.

@alienghic @neil I know a #Snikket on iOS user who complains that they never get notifications even though notifications are enabled. So they discover new msgs by accident, when they happen to open the app. Not sure if that's a widespread #bug. Note that the same user had a problem getting #Wire notifications in iOS also for a long time but eventually got that sorted.

@neil @alienghic (but to be clear, I no longer endorse #Wire now that Wire is silently losing msgs, has dropped #Debian support, & has made their website Tor-blocking)

@snikket_im @neil @alienghic they are using <some host>, although i doubt it's a server-side issue because the msgs are getting delivered. The app just isn't sending a notification

@snikket_im @alienghic @neil It's not that kind of user.. the user is low tech with low patience. The user is trying to cling to Wire. It's not the kind of user who would submit a bug report. I'm happy to report what I know, but the user is thousands of miles from me so I wouldn't be able to give a detailed report without access to the device.

@snikket_im The «admin panel» gives a “system health” button, but selecting that only gives the option to broadcast a msg to all users. I don't think server admins have access to any logs.

@snikket_im Ah, thanks for the tip. The session settings for the user who doesn't get notices shows “push_notifications: false”, yet the user says they've enabled notifications in the iphone's settings»Snikket page.

@Sandra I didn't know about that tag.

Though I'd personally like trying to be inclusive of parents who are being involved in their kids lives.

@alienghic @Sandra with some of the workoholic parents in high tec, if they didn't get the idea behind involved parenting at the beginning, they probably never will. In the case they do get it eventually, they are bound to mess it up further and micromanage their kids.

@Boundless @Sandra

It is really hard to know what a reasonable amount of involvement with ones own kids would be.

Currently I'm feeling like my families pandemic isolation practices led to parents needing to be more involved as there's were few ways for kids to find and play with each other, and play is pretty important for kids.

@alienghic @Sandra

I agree that playtime is very important and that covid-19 moved many parents towards being more involved. I can only hope that their involvement encouraged communication and freedom to explore and play.
Being involved is not just a matter of being around and being available.


Jitsi works well for audio/video conferencing. It's using XMPP on the backend as well. Big Blue Button also decent for things like virtual classrooms.

@bort I tried jitsi and it didn't work well for me when I tried.

I was going with computer to f-droid app, but I also haven't put a lot of effort into trying to figure out what happened.

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