Despite living in a pretty suburban/bordering-rural part of New Jersey, we have mediocre air quality most days just because, well, Jersey is tiny and the industrial areas of Pennsylvania and North Jersey are not that far from us as the wind blows. Plus, we have pets. So we've had a big ol' air purifier for several years now. It has three fan levels, and we normally have it on Auto so it ramps up when it detects particulate.

Long story short, it's been on the middle level all day because Oregon.

And we're actually not the worst in the area, probably (we're somewhat below and to the right of the Philadelphia dot, on the edge of the green swath of Pinelands).

(The context for that map, BTW, was that channel pointing out this is the worst AQ reading for NYC in fourteen years. We've had smoke from Canadian fires more recently than that, so it's not entirely the smoke; heat/humidity are bad.)


@gamehawk Since you liked it, I have to admit my inappropriate joke was inspired by your post. I just wasn't sure if it'd be funny.

(And with my serious hat on air pollution causes many health issues and one should treat poor air quality seriously)

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@alienghic Python is always funny even when (especially when) it's inappropriate.

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