Being able to cancel my Zoom subscription and throw my money over to 8x8 for their hosted Jitsi instances is a very, very nice feeling.


@craigmaloney Have you used 8x8 long enough to have opinions?

I have an old residential vonage account which is really expensive compared to other voip providers.

Especially since newer services are both cheaper and more featurefull..

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@alienghic Not yet, but that they're continuing to improve Jitsi and make it a world-class product (and still open source) gives me hope.

@alienghic @craigmaloney

I gave a donation to a local free software group hosting a public Jitsi Meet instance (my email and diaspora* providers are such volunteer groups too).

Going to use that till Jitsi Meet is available in FreedomBox. Then I can self-host.

These days, I'm doing most of my non-work video calls through Element though.

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