A while ago I thought I'd set MythTV up again so I could try capturing Star Trek Discovery over the air...

But MythTV depends on MySQL and I have Postgres installed, and didn't want to install MySQL, so I put it off.

Then I decided to make a stab at porting MySQL to Postgres.

After I made a bit of progress I thought I'd check a TV listing to see if Discovery was on...

Apparently it was broadcast months ago, and now it's just on CBS streaming.

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On the off chance this is a thing other's want my first steps are here:

I looked through all the main MythTV sql queries and it looked like the things that needed to be resolved were replace LOCATE with POSITION, replace `name` with "name", change how locking is done, change how timezone arithmetic is done, replace SQL_CALC_ROWS_ROUND/FOUND_ROWS() with count, and of course all the unsigned types.

First two things down and it still compiles.


Cool other people are interested.

I wasn't sure how useful MythTV is in this era of mass streaming.

@alienghic I have stepped away from the TV honestly, I just love it when some puts in the effort to move a community off of MySQL ;)

@stunder I don't know if they'll actually be interested.

I'd only heard of a few things I'd wanted to try watching, but pretty obviously I couldn't be bothered to remember when they were.

Also kid watches a lot of netflix and I think there's some useful shows on PBS that don't have good streaming options.

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