XMPP is such a pain in the tukhas. Is this REALLY the best we can do?

@Shufei If you don't like XMPP you might be interested in nextcloud talk, chat over imap, or matrix.

Though poking around in the sqlite databases inside of zoom leads me to think they're using xmpp for at least part of it.

@alienghic The protocol itself is a monument to nerddom so far as I’ve read. But nothing seems to work across the clients and servers, not how they proclaim. I wrestle with it far too much. Thanks for the pointers. Nextcloud talk might be a good go for some use cases. Maybe matrix. Looking around for a reliable and mobile friendly setup.


@Shufei Conversations + prosody with a few extra modules works pretty well for me.

Nextcloud talk has better video calls than xmpp but doesn't do federation, though it does have anonymous random link access to the web client.

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@alienghic I do wish Conversations was on other OS. Siskin is coming along. Trying out some new Linux soon.

@Shufei Sisken does look promising. I wonder if there's any decent Windows client.

I just found references to Psi and Gajim.

@alienghic Gajim is alright, once one figures out some UI eccentricity. None of this is really ready for non-geeks, though.

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