Grr. I'm stuck on the AT&T network and recently connections have started having a retransmission delay appear when I dump a big chunk of text. catting a file or running dmesg.

If I connect to the server through a VPN or a tor hidden service... I don't get the retransmission timeouts.

Kids school district has a summer school class "There is no planet B".

I wonder how radical the instruction is going to be for kindergartners.

Ugh. Twitter started showing replies from people you're following to people you don't follow.

It's like they want to trigger more harassment.

This is an unusual bio...

"Ian Dunlop was formerly an international oil, gas and coal industry executive, chair of the Australian Coal Association and CEO of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a senior member of the advisory board of Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration. David Spratt is Research Director of Breakthrough."

Somebody apparently decided to stop hiding from the climate emergency.

Writer of

"Someone needs to start mass-producing fun, designy security keys that look cool on a keychain. The day I see a Hello Kitty security key is the day I know that phishing is dead. "


I am fairly pleased that Mueller report imported into Calibre with Title, Author, and Tags set to reasonable values.

I am also somewhat surprised the filename wasn't something like report_final_v3_apr_2019_RJM_draft.pdf

I had an almost archaic experience.

We had a family gathering, and several of us all talked about a story we read in the news"paper" that morning.

(Ok so I think only one person read it on paper)

And the story was about millennial Chinese deciding Chinese factory jobs suck.

Sometimes I think about trying to figure out critical paths in the global supply chain to figure out when business as usual will break.

But then its probably more important to just transition away from a disposable economy.

My simple description of the problem is imagine "you're stuck on a large space station and Earth blew up". What do you do make sure the only new resource you need to survive is sunlight.

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Ugh" exim stops and refuses to deliver email". i should proofread more often

It's kind of annoying that exim stops refuses to deliver email if someone deletes a DNS name you added to local_host_whistelist

BTW Odds are good Mozambique is going to get plastered by a category 3 to 4 cyclone tomorrow. Yeah the place that was hit just over a month ago by a different cyclone.

Several projects I'm working with are using a tool called cromwell to develop multi cloud / cluster workflows.

I'm wondering if they named the output directory "cromwell-executions" thinking about Oliver Cromwell?

Hm. Though there's also the decay of local news due to Facebook / Google eating all the written word ad revenue. That allowed a handful of right wing billionaires to buy up and ruin local news.

Having functional local news seemed to be important for allowing people to trust news (possibly because it covered things you could experience)

There's certanly angry rightwing blowhards who are busy sowing doubt, distrust and anger... But even if they're not directly allied with the Russians like the NRA, the trolls may have played a significant roll in keeping entities like Alex Jones popular.

What if the social media and gaming toxicity was because of the Russian trolls?

I had been reading and the author felt like things started getting much worse about 5 years ago. Which would match up with their efforts to sway the US election.

The Russian psyops campaigns are aimed at sowing distrust and doubt. So I was wondering, what if the trolls managed to set new more hostile social norms, and that's part of the reason mainstream social networks are so angry

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