If you live in the United States put pressure on your congress people to save the clean electricity parts of the the build back better plan.

Manchin is trying to gut them because he owns a bunch of coal mines.

David Roberts argues this is pretty much the last good chance we have to get a meaningful climate action through Congress.


The collapsing supply chains are making me worried.

And for some reason that leads me to think I should buy a 3d printer.

What stuff do you think you'd want on hand for months to years of random product shortages?

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Blog post, not by me, but still something I think should be read and boosted: Blaming Screen Readers 🚩×5)[(adrianroselli.com/2021/10/blam)

Hey I found a new thing we can blame on DRM.

DRM is helping to destroy the world.

Media and video game companies really like streaming and always online connections as DRM, but there's a noticeable resource footprint from Internet & data center use. So DRM (especially streaming) is contributing to global warming and therefor the destruction of human civilization.

I hate it when spammers reuse the names of an old friend.

At first I'm excited a message from a friend I haven't heard from in a long time. Oh that email address looks quite suspicious.

Never ever trust the display name.

You know...

One of the problems from the high wind advisory is "Dangerous sea conditions".

There's also so many ships off the port of Long Beach and Los Angeles that the anchorage is filled up and the rest are drifting.

I wonder if any shipping containers are going to end up in the ocean tonight.

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(And yeah mostly I posted this because I searched for on Twitter and there was some stuff, and thought I'd start a similar thread out here).

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It is quite windy in the Los Angeles area today. We've got an active wind advisory and everything.

Peak gusts in the mountains and antelope valley expected to be 50-70 mph, and 30-50 mph in the Los Angeles coasts/valleys.

Also my phone number was not acceptable. Apparently my mobile provider was not American enough for them.

So I have to wait for them to mail me a piece of paper with a PIN on it.

So for the US government 15 minutes *is* lightening fast.

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Apparently my personal small domain did not meet the IRS's standards for email and was not acceptable.

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Click through first couple of forms

"Access Denied".


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I don't think that word means what you think it does, IRS.

"Fast: Signing up only takes about 15 minutes."

Pretty sure 15 minutes is pretty slow for signing up for something.

Two other things, many dutch laundry rooms have 3 boxes with circular doors on them. I'm assuming one is a washing machine and one is a dryer, but I'm not sure what the third one is.

Also in the laundry room there was frequently a strange white box with several flexible tube with colored shut offs leading to it that I have no idea what it might be.

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Among the things I noticed as being different between US kitchens and the Netherlands is, there were so many nice, high end espresso machines in the Netherlands.

I don't know if I'm looking at relatively higher class homes than I'm used to in the US, or if the Dutch really like their coffee.

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It's probably not healthy for someone living in Los Angeles to be browsing Dutch housing sites.

Here's the twitter results for the poll

I think I'm more with my people over here, because I'd rather get email. I'm tired of typing on phone keyboards, and I don't like getting interrupted.

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Did anyone ask for a cyberpunk dystopia?

The linked story is a Chinese drone show failing with LED illuminated quadcopters raining from the sky.


This was just fun. It's looking like some sea slugs may be able to extract energy from chloroplasts they consume from algae


Facebook being down gave me reminded me of the Ever Given being stuck in the Suez.

A very stressful day for whoever was trying to fix the problem, but for the rest of us it was at worst a minor inconvenience we could watch from afar.

(Also it'd still be useful to find out exactly what went wrong so people in the future could avoid running into that particular wall)

Facebook's troubles get funnier! 

@kevincollier "Don't yet know exactly what's behind the DNS issue that's knocked knocked Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp offline, but it's really bad. Pretty much everything that runs trough those three companies are inaccessible. Employees can't even enter conference rooms because they're IoT!"

(Typos are mostly my fault at transcribing)

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