uspol, least depressing debate review 

"The whole world witnessed instead the destructive rage of a bully confronting impending defeat."

I was trying to slice out exactly the right binary blob that I'm failing to install correctly for my pure Debian rockpro64 image and nothing was working.

So I fell back to the unofficial image and that didn't work either....

Then I noticed the green power light wasn't on.

So then I pushed the plug into the power adapter just a little bit harder, the green light came on, and it booted.

california fires, global warming 

Global warming has dried out California forests so they catch fire easier, and burn faster now.

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california fires, global warming 

Northern California is burning down more again.

Based on recent info, if you're on southeastern side of Santa Rosa near Annadel State Park it may *already* be time to leave. This fire is moving *extremely* fast toward eastern parts of the city. Fire still outpacing official evacuation orders--may be wise to leave preemptively.

uspol, election 

Here's a counter argument that the "Trump might try to steal the election" is just Trump chaos to distract us from him being 7% down in the polls.

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uspol, election 

This election is not going to be fair.

"This year, with a judge no longer watching, the Republicans are recruiting 50,000 volunteers in 15 contested states to monitor polling places and challenge voters they deem suspicious-looking. "

Some cold caller called to ask me about "rebates"

They tried "are you the decision maker?"

They hung up after I answered with "We are an anarchist collective"

I feel you printer.

EPSON_XP_830_Series is not ready

Bummer. birdsite wants a phone number to continue using the site. It was after asking if you were a robot.

I wonder if it's more for marketing, or more for fighting disinformation farms.

@fribbledom what's your prompt string? It's quite colorful

I feel like I think about food all the time.

Meal planning, meal preparation, remembering what leftovers I need to eat, where to find new recipes.... It goes on and on and on....

Man being a mortal sucks.

Google is now thought policing philosophical questions.

Dear Europe.

The western side of North American is currently farting in your general direction.

"Fire from the unprecedented is moving back across from the and is on its way to ."

In the past I tried harder to work on free software and Debian because I thought cognitive freedom was important.

Now I'm trying to learn cooking and gardening because I'm afraid the global supply chains are going to fail soon.

Spouse likes playing The Sims and got the Journey to Batuu pack also known as lets go visit Disneyland's Star Wars land without having to stand in line.

We actually matched game locations to some of the 3d photos people had taken while at Disneyland.

It turns out strict tracking protection was blocking some script loads. When I turned it off (from the shield in the URL) twitter loaded normally.

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Did birdsite break for anyone else using Firefox?

I'm getting a bunch of CORS errors in the console and the page says "Something went wrong, but don't fret -- lets give it another shot"

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