According to my workplace, all university staff will be eligible for COVID19 vaccines starting March 1st.

I guess it's time to try and figure out how the vaccine appointment systems work.

My tummy was recently being cranky about dairy, so the will be fully vegan ice cream attempts in my future.

I'm waiting for the raw cashews to get here.

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Achievement unlocked:

Home made Philadelphia style ice cream made with home made vegan cream cheese.

(The ice cream still has milk and whipping cream in it, it's just I couldn't get any cream cheese from the CSA so tried making my own)

uspol, Deb Haaland confirmation 

I'm going to also be offended at a Republican Senator saying that he only thought oil & gas workers and ranchers had a "deep connection" to the land and not the Pueblo Indians whose ancestors lived there far before.

Gapminder produced a site called "Dollar Street" where they took photos of various families homes from around the world and common things like house, cooking equipment, and toilets and then sorted the families by monthly income.

Also I feel like I'm developing a lactose intolerance, and i was depending heavily on dairy to keep me and my family fed.

This is going to be challenging to deal with.

I've been looking through Artisan Vegan cheese to see if I can handle them.

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I frequently feel like I'm struggling to figure out what to cook.

I stopped going to grocery stores a long time ago, then prop 22 passed in California so I tried to cut Instacart from my life.

This has lead to just trying to live off my CSA box.

And that led me to be trying to make ice cream from scratch.

And unfortunately the recipe I'm using calls for cream cheese and that stopped being available.

So now I'm waiting to see if the vegan cream cheese turns out and can be used in the recipe

I'm kind of sad seeing anti-vax stuff show up on peertube.

In case you hadn't heard...

Sennheiser HD 560S headphones are really good headphones.

I should be working... currently distracted by music.

Hi, @CobaltVelvet it looks like a Debian person I follow on Twitter set up his own Mastodon instance. I tried to follow him but it says "Cancel follow request" here and he couldn't find a place where he had it set to approve follow requests.

I was wondering if you had to approve new instances these days.

(Us trying to figure out how to get it working on Twitter )

I found the soldering iron and fixed it.

There's something to be said for large format simple cables.

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On the off chance this is a thing other's want my first steps are here:

I looked through all the main MythTV sql queries and it looked like the things that needed to be resolved were replace LOCATE with POSITION, replace `name` with "name", change how locking is done, change how timezone arithmetic is done, replace SQL_CALC_ROWS_ROUND/FOUND_ROWS() with count, and of course all the unsigned types.

First two things down and it still compiles.

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A while ago I thought I'd set MythTV up again so I could try capturing Star Trek Discovery over the air...

But MythTV depends on MySQL and I have Postgres installed, and didn't want to install MySQL, so I put it off.

Then I decided to make a stab at porting MySQL to Postgres.

After I made a bit of progress I thought I'd check a TV listing to see if Discovery was on...

Apparently it was broadcast months ago, and now it's just on CBS streaming.

A story of how there's a realistic chance for humanity to stabilize the climate, though in a world where we're muddling along through a painfully changed world.

A thing I spotted in the Debian experimental transition...

Migration status for madness (...): BLOCKED: Rejected/violates migration policy/introduces a regression

Interesting story about a high end Black fashion designer.

There was some interesting parts about copyright and an idea about when is something cultural appropriation or exchange.

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