So the majority of videos I see of severe flooding destroying some settlement features streets filled with flooded cars.

However right now car companies have trouble building cars because of the global supply chains are still broken.

I wonder if there might be a decrease in number of cars on the roads this year.

Which wiwill vacuum better

Fun question from Consume Reports... How do you like your toast?

They shared the question to announce their toaster reviews.

Inappropriate joke about smoke plume 

I looked at reports of the American east coast having to choke on smoke from the the west coasts fires...

And could help but think

"I fart in your general direction"

This is a decently sourced thread about what we currently know about long COVID and it's risks.

I love so much.

My local library systems use it for loaning e-books. It's probably not properly FOSS, but it works fine in current browsers.

I think I'm losing it.

Watching the climate crisis & COVID unfold has motivated me to read more about closed life support systems.

One of the groups behind the Biosphere 2 projects has a bunch of papers freely available here.

There's also several books available. I just finished "Life under Glass" (2nd edition) whose core was written by the first crew living in it.

I want my sealed vault to hide in.

I was just reading an article on how COVID is spreading through Missouri, and I was stuck by a a comment from a public health administrator.

Earlier in the year she thought we weren't going to exceed the 675,000 US deaths caused by the 1918 pandemic.

And now she knows we are... "And I feel like a large segment of the population doesn’t care.”"

And I'm wondering, why is America filled with so many who don't care?

Also there's the better outcome called "stabilized world" where humanity turn away from maximizing industrial output, and focuses on improving social services, which stabilizes with everyone better off than the other two scenarios.

It's just we don't seem to have made a lot of progress on that plan.

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One researcher linked to the consulting group KPMG did an update to the Limits to Growth model as their masters thesis.

What they found is the business as usual 2 (BAU2) and the comprehensive technology (CT) scenarios were the closest matches to our real world.

Unfortunately the BAU2 path leads toward collapse while the (CT) leads to significant declines without. And we can't really tell where we are on that path as we're probably doing a bit of both.

There's this particularly American view of a post-apocalyptic world where people will run around gunning each other down fighting over resources.

When what's actually happen is going to be more like the Oregon Trail where everyone dies of dysentery.

Another good global warming essay.

Most emissions come from the global "well off" or richer. Due to in country inequality, there are high energy consumers living in relatively poor countries and what really needs to happen is for rich people to stop consuming so much.

Problem is those well off people are the professionals who benefit from and administer our globalized economy and are not motivated to change their (our) status quo

I have to make fun of my spouse.

I read the Libre Arts article that audacity is probably (currently) fine. That there are reasonable explanation for the GDPR text.

Spouse argued by why did they add the right to "sell your data" while using google's crash services.

And I asked if you're concerned about privacy and google are you willing to move your families chat off of google hangouts?


I just finished reading

And if thought blocking advertising was important because the big companies were hacking our minds. I didn't truly understand how hard they were trying to manipulate our tastes to maximize profit.

I was left with the feeling that you should never ever trust a company, especially an American company. They will absolutely risk your life if it increases their sales.

Yes The Register is exaggerating some because it's funny.

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Another thing to share...

"Radioactive hybrid terror pigs have made themselves a home in Fukushima's exclusion zone"

The preview image looks more like a picture of a galaxy than anything one should find in water.

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