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So when you feel the need to shave an obscure yak, consider the


Apparently, it was cross between Yaks and American Bison.

I was learning about Cow/Yak crosses and thought Yakalo was just too funny sounding.

It looks like major fiber paths on the internet are likely to flood due to sea level rise. I'm betting that's going to start upping the network failure rate.


I'm guessing we might want more content addressed networking with replication as a work around.

Another odd thing to watch:

"Incredible footage of what appears to be a fire-induced (!) yesterday on Colorado River near , CA" (The water spout is about 1:10 in)


Via twitter.com/Weather_West/statu

"It will become the default in Python 4.0."

Wait. No. Isn't it too early to be talking about Python 4?

Someone posted a pic of their desk for some other reason. I thought I'd share my mess.

One thing that strikes me about the London protests...

They're still allowed to use wood for their handles. In most US protests police have banned wooden handles.

American government is locked in a life and death struggle between warring factions while the environment cooks.

And all I was able to do to make the world better was pick up a couple of handfuls of trash at the park.

Feels inadequate, but I can't argue with: the park was definitely cleaner after I left.

Bug in Cups.

Sounds like some kind of Dr. Seuss book.

The report that made think of it was this: lists.debian.org/debian-securi

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From twitter.com/gdimeweather/statu

It's really hot outside. And we are in such trouble from global warming.

Hot. Its going to be so hot (in LA). Its likely all time record highs will fall today.


I guess the @latimes was right, you do get terrible air quality from fireworks. Check out this map of the LA area from purple air.

(Though I think the 702 reading may be a broken sensor) If you click soon you can see in more detail

I was working on trying to update the Debian pandas package and a couple of tests failed.

They were formatting tests for when the DataFrame is too large and needs to be compressed.

And they failed because I run my terminal at 100x50ish. They pass when I resized to 80x43.

I wrote a small Ada program.

I like that the build tools can figure out what libraries to link by reading your imports.

GNAT Ada's documentation is pretty bad when compared to Python.

I am offended: "In Europe, automakers must meet pedestrian impact standards, which has never been the case in the U.S."
"growth in SUV sales explains a significant share of the increase in pedestrian deaths"

uspol , families belong together diorama

Dear @nextcloud It'd be nice if there was some way of getting to a changelog for apps that want to be updated in a nextcloud install.

Ditching work to go to a protest downtown. Apparently Confederate Sessions is in town. latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-