Also I released a slightly fixed version of doc-central.

Mostly I ported ancient CGI scripts to Python 3 since we're trying to dump Python 2, but I did fix a few other things too.

Also if anyone is curious this is the earliest bug I could find on the Debian BTS.

all the numbers I tried below 50004 reported "There is no record of Bug {number}"

I think it's kind of cool to have closed a 5 digit Debian bug.

( Hopefully opening in a new tab is a reasonable solution to "Frames should be gone when viewing documentation" )

Air pollution from burning fossil fuels harms fetuses (as well as anyone who breaths.)

Doctors recommended "avoid busy roads", they failed to suggest the obvious eliminate cars.

Another promising looking quote: "The key issue addressed in this study is how to change a system which incentivizes and rewards extraction — but cannot recognize and reward the wealth created by generative activities — towards a system which is able to reward and incentivize generative practices."

"So leave behind today’s widespread obsession with smart contracts, platform capitalism and economies of scale: these only serve to reinforce last century’s dominant and extractive modes of production...."

Now that's a good summary of why blockchain fanboys seem scummy.

Also it's from a review of the P2P foundations new report on a commons based economic system. (I think)

Finally got around to confiuring a XMPP to IRC gateway and now I have clients that behave reasonably and can talk to the -* channels on both gnome & android.

It took a bit of fiddling to get biboumi to connect with the right irc nick.

Kid drew a pair of pictures for me.

Robots riding bicycles on one side, and a no car sign on the other.

She also told me she didn't know how to get rid of cars while she gave me the picture

I was looking at my timeline, and I think gardeners have more pleasant to look at photos than safe streets advocates.



(Streets designed for cars are usually pretty ugly)

I was trying to decide between writing a utility to help manage a home ldap server or trying to bake crackers last night.

Doesn't every need a home network with single sign on? I mean it is kind of annoying with different auth databases for mail, jabber, file sharing, source repositories...

And what if I want 802.1x so I can separate computers from IoT devices...

Is network and systems administration part of modern home making?

I was having problems with elpy in emacs hanging and seeing these errors:

"error in process sentinel: elpy-rpc--default-error-callback: peculiar error: "aborted (core dumped)"

Turns out if you leave it pointing to an old virtualenv with an old python interpreter, it might start crashing when some dependency gets removed.

I want to open the windows to let in the few scraps of cold.

What kind of person starts using their grill at 11pm?

I do not like the smell of smoke

facebook shade, US violent hate crimes 

Ah-ha! take that work security team.

You blocked my home IP address I but had cleverly left a tor stealth hidden service that connects to a systems ssh server.

So I can still log in!

Kinda wish I had an easy way of telling evolution to temporarily tunnel over tor right now though.

For the longest time I thought Gender Reveal parties were for when trans or gender variant people came out.

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