Anyone have comments or references for FOSS preferring people in the USA to deal with filing taxes?

I frequently procrastinate, and in the panicked last minute give up and dig up an old windows computer to use turbotax, further keeping us all trapped in an overly complex tax system that requires a tools to fill out.

No Mans Sky 

This planet is too pretty not to share.

Alas no.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea for social media to read the ImageDescription EXIF tag and to set that as the default alt text description.

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The image is of Bernie Sanders sitting near a table on a university campus.

But this is also me testing if octodon reads the ImageDescription EXIF tag.

@phooky I have also been trying to squish all of my life into the two hours after kid goes to bed...

I'm getting this sense that the time you might save in guix by having programmatic configuration of a system might end up being lost waiting around for packages to compile.

Debian Edu was using a combination of debconf and cfengine to streamline configuration.

DebianEdu also suggested filing bugs to expand support for debconf based configuration of packages.

It does seem like programmatic configuration of services would be helpful

My university sent out a COVID progress email that said that "80% of active employees and students have received at least one dose".

Dependency management on traditional Linux distros like Debian is getting increasingly difficult.

Guix & Nix have an an interesting solution with shoving all the dependencies into their own separate directories.

I think it wouldn't be to hard to extend Debian's multi-arch system to also include the Debian version, but I'm not sure how much that would gain?

Maybe it would make dist-upgrade safer?

I celebrated my 2 week post vaccination day with picking up thai take out and a box of donuts for my unvaccinated kid and just starting to be vaccinated spouse.

Google has apparently forgotten that conversations might try to connect over my cellular service provider and not just my home ISP.

New laptop. What OS?

I found the 5 genders:

"model_organism_sex": {
"enum": [

This was a pretty interesting article.

"People often limit their creativity by continually adding new features to a design rather than removing existing ones"

And the embedded video is also worth it.


I'm backing up my kids first home directory.

I don't know how to transfer video from twitter to here.

But this is a video from the Oregon Zoo of group of otters playing in a bucket of ice and it it is quite cute.

Drivers frequently say you can't limit cars what about disabled people?!?

Turns out there are bunches of people who can bike but not drive...

The advantage of running your own mail server is you know that

"You're over your email quota, click here!" emails are fake.

In case you didn't know at least in western countries tire dust, and road wear are the largest source of atmospheric plastic pollution.

Cars are poisoning us. Walk, bike or take a train.

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