Some awesome person wrote a program to parse my paycheck stubs and insert them into gnucash.

With each and every deduction properly accounted for.

High five past me!


Apparently living in a racially diverse cities is safer (less likely to die to violence, fatal accident or drug abuse) for white people than living in rural white majority towns.

Note the research was on California, but that's because only CA collected the data.

Stay safe people on the east coast.

This hurricane and the following flood and rain looks quite destructive.

/me dances around a bit

The GTK3 version of gnucash finally showed up in Debian.

(When running gnome with wayland and and a high dpi laptop, non-wayland apps have serious scaling problems on external monitors)

Another interesting article out of Data & Society. "Shockingly" the biases present in one's google query result are based on the keywords one enters.

Commercial social networks are designed to be addictive. I wonder what would be best for minimizing the risks here. Id love apps with more options for limiting notifications.

There are still engineering solutions possible to produce a habitable, still functioning civilization. (Albeit a slower moving society)

We're mostly stuck because of the lack of political will and the determined resistance of a bunch of rich fossil fuel tycoons.

Global Warming is a serious threat to humanity. It is primarily caused by waste products from fossil fuel usage.

I don't usually see people over here talking about it. And I saw this story on how peoples behaviors don't match the severity of the threat.

For what its worth, I have turned down several opportunities to go to conferences because it would involve flying.

Is it just me, or is it easier to find KDE devs and designers on social media than their GNOME counterparts?

Whoever wrote the json spec, would it have killed you to allow trailing commas?

It is super convenient to allow trailing commas to cut down on vcs noise, or just mistakes from cutting and pasting.

In other news guess who discovered if you want to a add a custom mimetype via a config/mimetypemapping.json file in you really need to make sure there are no trailing commas?

It totally breaks 's mime inference.

I would like a few days of all the technology around me working correctly.

And now it doesn't work, saw previews of my cats for a bit, and then something mysterious went wrong,


Somehow the mimetype list got messed up on my isntance and image preview broke.

I managed to reset the jpg mimetype and mimepart using sql and now preview works again.

Honestly today was a good day (for me)

One crook is guilty on at least 8 counts. Another pleaded guilty.

And Valve has been paying for work on wine to get more windows only games to run on linux.

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