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I have a fever and the only cure is more replicates.

(On conference call debating normalization because two data points don't agree -- Which would be easier to resolve if we had more observations)

This is a neat looking project, recycling an old inner tube into a cargo net. instructables.com/id/Bicycle-B

Any suggestions for freedom respecting, low electrical power usage servers with 2-4G of RAM, supports, SATA and gigabit Ethernet, and can run Debian?

I saw this on twitter, and thought it a surprisingly good illustration of identity on the net. twitter.com/zoeyjsalsbury/stat

Cranky pants 4 year old just slammed the door because we would dress her at night

Germs these days, they aren't like the germs I had as a kid. (cough cough)

Who said kids can't be revolutionaries? usa.streetsblog.org/2013/12/13

These kids so wanted to be able to play in the street, they went door to gather petitions, and would deploy barricades across their streets.

I may enjoy messing with "microsoft tech support" scammers more than I should. Its funny when you try to follow their instructions on a GNOME desktop.

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Boost if #Linux is your main gaming platform! Linux gamers represent! ✌

Hey @nextcloud I saw Charlie Stross having trouble with a netgear FreeNAS over on twitter. I was tempted to suggested nextcloud, but realized to make progress with professionals and small business the FOSS world really needs a way for them to find local IT support who can evaluate needs, make reasonable, suggestions and provide ongoing support.


With Kerberos, if you're planning on lying to your servers about DNS, you really need to make sure you lie consistently.

(Was having GSSAPI errors, because DNS was sometimes pulling from our workgroup DNS servers with a private network view, and sometimes from the real campus DNS servers, which know nothing about our cluster hosts.)

Apparently we took that old Aqua song Barbie Girl too literally, and are trying really hard to plasticize our world.


Feel guilty. Drove to farmers market, because walking/biking with a 4 year old is hard. Also I still ended up with two plastic bags, two plastic tubs and two plastic trays. Cutting out single use waste is hard.

So over in Washington DC area, there may be very high winds.... Winds high enough that "Pedestrians will face very hazardous conditions, and need to be aware of wind-borne projectiles." washingtonpost.com/news/capita

And over in California we're going to get enough rain, that burn areas may turn to mud slides.

In case anyone else ever wants to enter accented characters in emacs. johndcook.com/blog/emacs_unico

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