"The stage is set for record flooding now through May.”... "The outlook said 200 million Americans are at risk of experiencing flooding."


If you're on the eastern half of hte USA, now might be a good time to make sure you have an emergency kit and its supplies are current. (Unless you're near the Missouri river in which case its too late).

(Yeah technically should've been CW uspol, but a) its not a depressing story, and b) people around here are interested in privacy issues & putting limits on tech monopolies so I thought would be more generally interesting.

Elizabeth Warren has some good ideas about where to make the cuts to turn parts of Amazon/Facebook/Google into public utilities and separate those components from other business interests. huffpost.com/entry/elizabeth-w

I really wish biologists using Excel for bioinformatics work would keep the primary keys around and not just try to match tables based on gene names. Sure, carrying around the friendly name but please stop dropping the primary key.

Gene names have some of the same problems that human names have like name collisions, multiple aliases, and alternate spellings.

Anyone know of a better place to send old thinkpads than ewaste? I have an old T41 and X61 tablet that is cluttering up a closet.

We came up with a new tier of free at work today.

Free as in Freedom
Free as in beer
Free as in facebook

It'd be cool to have jupyterhub connected to @nextcloud like Collabora/CODE allows embedding LibreOffice documents.

Ah so I just needed to click through the tutorial to log in again... that was a bit confusing.

I was looking at ways to configure containers/systems.

Thought haskell propellor was a enough keywords to limit it to Joey Hess' project.

I was wrong.

The word vector is so close to what I wanted but the meaning was still so far away.

Also I wonder what event this diorama was memorializing.

I live in a warm place, but was sent to a cold place for a conference. I am confused by the force field protecting this pond.

The only way to win is not to play.

An alternative to inbox zero arguing there's too much email to process it efficiently and we should lower our expectations.

<sarcasm>What generous discount for your ebook</sarcasm>
Paper book: $25.00, ebook $24.99


(It's probably a good book I just wanted to mock their pricing)

Kid: mumble mumble poop.
Me: You need more to your life than poop.
Kid: But that's the only life I got.

Only 48 commits to get propellor to build me an image usable by autopkgtest-virt-qemu

Feel free to reshare, I was curious because I was being sent to a meeting somewhere that appeared to be completely devoid of any pedestrian infrastructure

Do you have access to a sidewalk outside your home?

Currently in food coma from home made quiche and banana bread.

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