Been working on a really awesome library for creating cross platform apps using any windowing protocol you want (Win32, UWP, Cocoa, UIKit, XCB, XLib, Mir, Wayland, WebAssembly) for quickly getting apps off the ground:

Still a WIP but it's coming along really well, with sister libraries to help create apps using any graphics API, and cross window, cross graphics API demos working. <3

This week I've been reading Understanding Compression, an O'Reilly book about data compression. After looking at companies like doing it and Google summer of code cases where PhD students improved download speeds for Google Play, it got really interesting.

How often do you think about compression, it could help your app out one way or another. ;)

Updated my site with some of the projects I've been working on:

- CodeVR for virtual reality programming
- Raw Graphics, a graphics twitch stream/podcast
- React Anime, a react animation library
- Realtime Celestial Rendering, a research paper.

Open sourced a Studio I made a while back. Was a finalist in the Steam Workshop Competition! πŸ‘

It's free and available for PC/Android (just click the badge on the repo). :)

The Complacent Class by Tyler Cowen is a about the lack of mobility and entrepreneurship that has been steadily increasing in the United States.

"We're working harder than ever to avoid change."

So was building a Simon Says game rendered with and some raymarching in yesterday.

Turns out to debug OpenGL in RenderDoc you need to support at least GLSL 1.10 and up, so it's a good idea to have your shaders target as many versions as possible.

So @kennetpostigo was showing off some of that sweet Mitt.js State management logic:

Seems like a great alternative to redux all you peoples! :grinning:

Built a smart standing desk out of some linear actuators, relays, and a . Here's a repo w/ all the source/instructions/cost per item.

It's running a node.js CLI you can `npm i -g` as well as a Rust server compiled remotely and deployed to the device.

A complete graph is a graph where every vertex is connected to every other. Here's some procedural magic I did to visualize a complete graph in 3D.

Wavelet Trees are a data structure that describes a sequence of data as a tree of bitmasks which correspond to certain data.

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