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Alain Galvan 🌞

So it turns out the Metal shader compiler has a for loop unrolling problem. Interesting how it differs from HLSL's compiler that way...

This week I've been reading Understanding Compression, an O'Reilly book about data compression. After looking at companies like doing it and Google summer of code cases where PhD students improved download speeds for Google Play, it got really interesting.

How often do you think about compression, it could help your app out one way or another. ;)

Add on top of that Rust's first class unit testing, doc generation with markdown, and best of all: focus on safety and you've got a really stable server. :)

Been working on a web backend with and Rocket.

Normally a Node.js + Express server has a 33 ms local latency and uses 660 mb of ram, so it was a really pleasant surprise to see the Rocket use only 2 mb of ram and have a 22 ms local latency.

Updated my site with some of the projects I've been working on:

- CodeVR for virtual reality programming
- Raw Graphics, a graphics twitch stream/podcast
- React Anime, a react animation library
- Realtime Celestial Rendering, a research paper.

Currently setting up the distance field font rendering system.

It's a extremely fast way of rendering text that's used in games like Team Fortress! :)

Current project: CodeVR, convert code to 3D worlds you can explore and collaborate in. Built w/ and .

Open sourced a Studio I made a while back. Was a finalist in the Steam Workshop Competition! 👍

It's free and available for PC/Android (just click the badge on the repo). :)

join me in rejecting all technology. burn your computers. throw out your books. refridgerators? technology, get rid of em. furniture? that smells like technology. wheels? how dare you

Cargo-culting is fine; it's how we programmers get a lot of important work done. If everyone built their own framework, those frameworks would be much poorer for it.

But OTOH I'm tired of hearing 100 different teams all pretend that they independently arrived upon React as if it's some universal mathematical axiom you can derive from deductive reasoning. I wish we programmers had the self-awareness to realize when we're being influenced by the crowd, charismatic thoughtleaders, narratives, etc.

Got continuous delivery working with and , they use HMAC SHA1 hashes to verify the push event, cool jazz 🎷!

Construction or Traffic, you can have 1, the other, or both. 🙃

Currently using as a Slack alternative with my research team, it's powered by , , and , nice and simple! 😁

Finally starting to notice this striking inverse correlation between
- whether something is confusing
- whether you've read a book about it

This "google things as you need them" habit, I think, It's actually pretty bad

Somehow I taught myself this helplessness. Struggle over years. Feel like I'll never get it.

Have you read a book about it?

Well, no

🚗 I've added a feature to that auto-deploys changes to the site whenever a commit to the master branch occurs. This is through Github Hooks and a daemon powered by Nickel. Got to love continuous delivery. :3

Why AI is /not/ the answer to the problem of overwhelming complexity in science.

could #mastodon hit a million users by mid May? I think it is possible....

AGPL was a bold pick for the Mastodon license. It means that anyone running the software is obligated to share any changes they make with people who use it - even if all those changes are on the server side, and the users are just people who visit the site. This is much more restrictive than regular GPL, which doesn't count it as "distribution" people only access via the web.

Corporate entities are going to stay the hell away from any AGPL code. I guess that's the point.