selfie again 

spent two hours today being beepy robo girl again and just. the sheer hecking feeling of Correctness ;w;


so uh yea. there is a currently uncontrolled one p close to where i live

needless to say i am Quite worried

hi, this pic was taken just 10 minutes ago at 9:20 pm. timezones moment


oh shish oh fuf they turned agatha into a mask

i've got a game in the mail to test the wonderswan with later this week but i think fixing it might be as simple as replacing the polariser (and if that fails i could install a nice ips display in it but hoo boy they're like 2× what i paid for the console ;w;)

as for the ezflash, it's working fine i guess. not much to comment on

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heck i just bought a gba ezflash and a wonderswan and forgot to post about it smh

just realised i never put my robotkin flag design here, so here you go :>

y'know i think it'd be nice if bitmap fonts made a comeback. if you have a low dpi display but don't like blurry fonts, not much comes close to these imo

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fun things to do at 1 am: trying to produce the noises from the blank cells of the trills row in an ipa chart

except for the palatal trill (no idea how that's even supposed to work) and the pharyngeal trill (tried once and hurt my throat), i did all of them! no i have not recorded them and can't be arsed to rn, try them yourself if you wanna find out :^)

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