Woo, my phone finally got the update to Oxygen OS 5.0.1/Android 8! 🎉

@ajdonovan2k nice, which phone?

my Moto G5+ is still on 7.0 and the August security patch 👿👿👿

@Neff OnePlus 5. There was a beta out for awhile, but I didn't want to mess with it.

@ajdonovan2k ahh, yeah especially since they pulled the beta for a bit.

I'm debating upgrading my phone for a better camera or taking the money and getting a nice point & shoot or an entry level mirrorless

@Neff I wish manufacturers would at least update the security patches in a more timely fashion. 😒

@ajdonovan2k agreed! it is frustrating to not get new features but being forced to be so far behind on security updates shouldn't be acceptable.

hopefully project treble will remove the excuse manufacturers use

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