I have already migrated my email, but it seems that Google had a final change of heart concerning the Google Workspace transition:β€―the "no-cost" option users will now be able to use gmail with a custom domain, for non-commercial use.

I think I'll keep using fastmail though. My reasoning is that I've used my own domain over all these years for the freedom of just changing my MX records and migrating them elsewhere. Some freedoms need to be exercised regularly or you might forget or lose them.


  • How is your
  • day ?

I'm fine, thanks


The Expanse season 6 was very nice. Enjoyed seeing the Roci crew one last time. Spoilers: 

Those useless foreshadowing though :thinkgoing: . Did the book readers enjoy it at least ?

Random audio debugging session:
* there's no output, or a weird output
* but the sample code works !

Turns out:
* there was some output, just too low frequency for those shitty speakers, but perfectly audible otherwise
* frequency was too low because it wasn't what I expected
* sample code was buggy too because it was lucky to work with only one channel, but therefore it divided frequency by two.
=> audio code with no idea of the output sample rate is bad.

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You know what, fuck it:

All Mastodon friends can watch "Getting good at SNES game through DLL injection" for free for 48 hours, via this friend link (it's me, I'm friend).

And send me some dang feedback!!


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Me before chosing a Mastodon instance : what's the uptime ? Security ? instances.social/list/old Moderation rules? octodon.social/about/more
What I should have been doing: what custom emoji does the server support ? emojos.in/mastodon.social?show (octodon does not allow access?)


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