So, , I'm considering setting up a self-hosted wiki or something similar to organise my thoughts and do design docs for personal projects. Any suggestions? I don't have very big requirements although if it can auth via open ID connect, it would be nice.

America uses the Imperial system because of excessive patriotism

a country proud of having thrown off the shackles of a monarch

and yet

it's all measurements based on a king's foot

Here's a big welcome to my amazing wife @uneditedcrystal, welcome to Mastodon!

Been a bit busy as hell so haven't been on here for a while, so hi?

Even though I wouldn't want to live there anymore, this bit does give a pretty accurate depiction of Amsterdam crime and its police:

Today is officially the 3d year of me living in Berlin. I'm still amazed at how much more at home I feel here than I did in Amsterdam. I have the feeling I might just stay here.

I received my Huawei P20 pro today, it's the first Android phone I've had with a custom skin since the galaxy S3 and... I don't hate it so far. That the camera is amazing and has a great battery life helps of course.

And now my place is filled with very loud drilling sounds. On a Saturday. At 08:22. Fuck. This. Shit.

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Ugh, it's already bad enough that they're remodeling apartments in my building more often than not, but starting the one right above my bedroom on Saturday 07:00?

TIL I can set my main phone language to English - Germany instead of English - UK. This means that I won't get UK "news" in my google feeds anymore. This improves my user experience greatly.

So, even though I'm feeling much better than I did last week, I notice that I'm getting tired much easier than normal. 😴

Of course, the pessimist in me says that it won't, but a man can dream...

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Too many people in tech have used Linus as an example on why it should be fine to be an asshole in tech. I hope that him publicly acknowledging that he has misbehaved and that it's a problem for him and others marks a new chapter in the kernel community and open source as a whole.

I know I'm going to get burned for this, but I actually liked the film better. The "omg I'm a pop culture genius" vibe of the book was much less present, and the same goes for the "win the game, get the girl" element. Still not great, but better than I expected.

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I read the book and didn't like that either, the entire plot felt like wish fulfillment for the author. "What if there was a world where my vast knowledge of 80s trivia would make me rich and get me the girl!"

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I'm sick as a dog but can't be in bed anymore, time to watch a film that's most likely going to be bad.

After a great protest, and a great night afterwards, this day is a total loss and I'm reduced to a vegetative state.

OK, very weird, I fixed it by taking it *off* the charger, and all of a sudden, the power button worked. It's still at 1% battery despite being in the charger since this 0800.

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