Even though I wouldn't want to live there anymore, this bit does give a pretty accurate depiction of Amsterdam crime and its police: youtube.com/watch?v=V1608mKM8u

Today is officially the 3d year of me living in Berlin. I'm still amazed at how much more at home I feel here than I did in Amsterdam. I have the feeling I might just stay here.

I received my Huawei P20 pro today, it's the first Android phone I've had with a custom skin since the galaxy S3 and... I don't hate it so far. That the camera is amazing and has a great battery life helps of course.

And now my place is filled with very loud drilling sounds. On a Saturday. At 08:22. Fuck. This. Shit.

Ugh, it's already bad enough that they're remodeling apartments in my building more often than not, but starting the one right above my bedroom on Saturday 07:00?

TIL I can set my main phone language to English - Germany instead of English - UK. This means that I won't get UK "news" in my google feeds anymore. This improves my user experience greatly.

So, even though I'm feeling much better than I did last week, I notice that I'm getting tired much easier than normal. 😴

Of course, the pessimist in me says that it won't, but a man can dream...

Too many people in tech have used Linus as an example on why it should be fine to be an asshole in tech. I hope that him publicly acknowledging that he has misbehaved and that it's a problem for him and others marks a new chapter in the kernel community and open source as a whole.

I know I'm going to get burned for this, but I actually liked the film better. The "omg I'm a pop culture genius" vibe of the book was much less present, and the same goes for the "win the game, get the girl" element. Still not great, but better than I expected.

I read the book and didn't like that either, the entire plot felt like wish fulfillment for the author. "What if there was a world where my vast knowledge of 80s trivia would make me rich and get me the girl!"

I'm sick as a dog but can't be in bed anymore, time to watch a film that's most likely going to be bad.

After a great protest, and a great night afterwards, this day is a total loss and I'm reduced to a vegetative state.

Now it will finally charge and is working as normal.

OK, very weird, I fixed it by taking it *off* the charger, and all of a sudden, the power button worked. It's still at 1% battery despite being in the charger since this 0800.

So, my phone decided that today would be the day it would stop charging after being drained to 0% after yesterdays' activities. Until I fix/replace it, I won't be able to receive phonecalls, texts, and whatsapp/signal messages.

So, dear .

I want to setup a VPN, what's a good solution that I can setup on my server that also has good android support.

The idea is that I want my phone to always use the VPN for data but it shouldn't keep the phone awake. Bonus points if I can run the server in k8s

If you work in tech, you owe it to yourself to watch this keynote. It's very funny and makes very good points.


Guess I'm still groggy as those are a lot of autocorrect mistakes.

So, had a hospital diagnostic today which have me a sedative to chill me out, little did they know that, as I was tired from taking the perpetration meds at 5 in the morning, it made me fall asleep as a rock.

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