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One of the best smells in the universe is the flowers of a Daphne shrub. I will archaeologist-squat in our driveway next to this bush until these blossoms fall off.


Every time I need to figure something new out with regex I feel like I need to learn everything all over again. I need to get good at this. How did you learn?

Assigning archaeological site numbers to the locations of a whole mess of former cemetery locations on a military installation. Burials were "relocated" to other places, but the extent really drives home all the displacement. These are often Black families.

This evening I toast to Past Me, who didn't do a bunch of manual data entry like a sucker, and to Present Me, who finally got the macro to go.

I think I'm keeping this dead plant on my desk as a memento mori.

Another cyclist just caught up to me to in-motion pass me a glove I dropped probably a mile back.

Today's theme: sensitive data. Webinar on "Managing Confidential Information & Sec 304" and cultural heritage by the ACHP, then some prep for an panel, "Keeping Our Secrets: Sharing and Protecting Sensitive Resource Information in the Era of Open Data" (4/14 afternoon)

The cemetery project is SO close to done. Training folks tomorrow. Prepping docs. Polishing functionality. A bit surreal that things are finish-able.

Whether or not the news is a revelation, I've been on a slow path toward disentangling from FB for a couple years. Still, I find some of the service (connecting with old friends/fam, some job stuff) valuable. My time/data reclamation strategies, should they be helpful to you: 1/5

Working on my own contribution for the SAA gov't digiarch session, about arranging all this site data and thinking about how our identies/training/worldviews as archaeologists influence data structure.

Regretfully I can't make it to , but a version of my paper on archaeology GIS, climate change, outreach, and open data possibilities is online at Shoutouts to,,

I have anger today about badly encoded PDFs of Word doc forms filled with structure-able data.

Finally setting up a hexbin grid that we can use for all kinds of custom visualizations for historic architecture & archaeology. Next, to establish the "Historic Coolness Index" (official term) for each cell.

Open Geospatial Humanities workshop at University of Guelph, Ontario, CA May 14-17 by and looks A-MAZ-ING!

Working on another conference paper about climate change, risks to archaeological resources, and using flexible, open geospatial data for planning & response. I find that I've been putting this off because the topic is so fundamentally scary as I get into research. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The cemetery site I'm working on now has a nice little CSV export button. Seems small, but getting data out (& encouraging reuse) has been a big personal priority.

JOB! Archaeology Records Manager, Missouri SHPO. Looks like GIS, some databases, some review.

Getting listed as a successor in the event of a major disaster is like a promotion, no?

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