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A researcher just requested geospatial data on mounds to make a story map for teaching/public (randomizing locations). time to shine! Took 2 mins to send them a map & instructions for how to save as a .shp.

Spent all morning trying to figure out how to automate a geospatial data task, unsuccessfully. Ah, wasting time attempting to save time.

I was a little grumpy about the cold, wet ride home at first but then I noticed it's the magical day when all the tiny leaf buds blush into view sometime between breakfast and dinner. 🌧🚲🌿

Workweek crowd: I'm looking for contributions to "Futures & Challenges in Gov't Digital Archaeology" e-symposium for even if you can't be in DC. Use gov't archy digi data? Maintain it? Research or make things? Answer survey Qs or send a post!

Getting a site ready for e-symposium, Futures and Challenges in Government Digital Archaeology. Even if you can't come to DC, you can still contribute! I'll be loading abstracts & presentations continually.

Productivity Q: how do you triage when you have too much on your plate? I booked myself pretty solid, then life happened, along with more work. How do you decide what to shed? Def prioritizing projects/deadlines that affect other people.

Bureaucratic subtweet, but a "friendly reminder" that my 30-day review clock will expire next week is less effective than just asking me if I'm able to expedite something.

JOB! Open to archaeologists age 55+, 24hrs/wk, $30/hr. Richmond, VA area. USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service. Cultural resources review and survey

I was not particularly enthusiastic about the giant trampoline my in-laws got my kid for Xmas, but after half assembly I'm pretty darn committed to refreshing my own bouncing skills tomorrow.

Thanks to for making online Week events so easy to find! I'm all signed up for Data Labs: Improving Access to Government Data.

Is post-processing cell phone GPS with some kind of differential correction to improve accuracy a thing? Thinking about improving crowdsourced cemetey data collection.

My office bandwidth is still trash, so making a great sacrifice by learning SQL and REST by a reflecting pool next to my most favorite new sculpture.

Ha! Just found a stack oveflow question that perfectly expressed a thing I've been trying to do for a while now. Got super hopeful. Scrolled to the bottom and realized it was my own question from 2016.

My accidental journey for the day has been to get (non archaeology) gov't data out of a 33 column xls-in-pdf and make it filterable on the web. For the good of humanity. Send tips.

Just added another post-it to my wall of future projects. It's a bittersweet and hopeful place, that corner behind my monitor.

scrape-a-grave: python. pulls FindAGrave data into SQL database. (I haven't tested this, but I just might...)

My 6yo confuses the words predator and creditor. It's both adorable and completely depressing.

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