Crappy pic, but LOOK at all these beautiful baby leaves! Northern friends, spring is coming. Promise.

On so many levels in love with this lava cameo (tuff, more accurately). Victorian, call to some invented Classical time. Why is she?

Lil's concept for a new Richmond monument with

My office bandwidth is still trash, so making a great sacrifice by learning SQL and REST by a reflecting pool next to my most favorite new sculpture.

The way to my heart on Valentine's Day is with diamonds. The data cleaning kind. πŸ’•πŸ’˜πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’˜πŸ’•

Listening to a great lunch time lecture by on her amazing work with photogrammetry, virtual excavation & printed models for . Archaeology teaching tools, documentation, accessibility.

Me @ work: "don't infantilize me; I'm an experienced professional who's been doing this job for more than a decade."


It's going to take all the willpower I have not to spend the day extracting these burial data into a csv & visualizing. I'll save it for a treat.

Was this in the planting strip by the curb across the street from the office as a location of secondary disposition (it fell out of an archaeologist's messy car)?

Holy moly I have a working thing! Styling is waaay far from done, but WE HAVE FUNCTIONALITY! A database of people, lots of attributes, gallery for each, responsive grid showing everyone. Getting the hang of this!

What are you reading? My available time is very limited and I have 1.5 eps of Dark left on Netflix, but I'm about to start PKD/Valis:

Snow day flitting from thing to thing at home. Found an archive of the first time my photo appeared on the internet, 2000 from Sonic Youth/Stereolab show. I felt so famous (image on far right).


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