Enjoy having your mind blown.

If you're a programmer, this is a must read.



Today is a great day to donate (or donate more) to our ever wonderful instance maintainer. It's a tough job and she deserves to get paid for it. let's send our spare $s to @CobaltVelvet

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By way of an intro, I'm Jolene. I'm an archaeologist who wrangles data in the public sector. I like questions, collaboration, databases, maps, charts, graphs, patterns, jokes, context, equity, dignity.

Back over here from birdsite (thanks @ekansa for spurring me to look again). I was crossposting between both for a while, but that was probably just annoying for everyone. Still need to find a groove.

The tragedy of a stellar hair day before bike helmet.

Ah, Past Me, who decided to completely invent the format of this electronic/irl symposium. Who needs the easy way?

I am wearing swingy linen trousers in protest of this freezing precipitation.

It will feel so nice to *have written* this paper.

Crappy pic, but LOOK at all these beautiful baby leaves! Northern friends, spring is coming. Promise.

Will I ever not experience a wave of nausea when sending an email to a big listserv?

A curious 17th c site name, Wolfshave. Sounds like the makings for an unhappy wolf. Come to find out it was a transcription error. WolfSNARE. I'm a little sad to correct this.

Data folks: how do you document changes in taxonomy? We completely rebuilt our system and migrated lots of terms back in 2011, but there's no documentation, apparently.

There's a state records collection at Library of Virginia covering the 1927 "Division of History and Archaeology." It's taking all the will I have (aided by deadlines) not to go down there right now. at.virginia.edu/2Jkk9wy

My hotel is 1.5mi from the conference hotel & not on an efficient transit route, so trying out a bike share pass. Excited! bit.ly/2EjMfV5

Just going to boot to Windows for the first time in 4 months real quick to do this one tiny thing LOLOLOL

Working on data from a big countywide archaeology assessment project. No big surprises, but marking all these sites as "destroyed" is a drag.

Wonder if I could convince them to give me a data cleaning/modeling sabbatical? I can dream.

On so many levels in love with this lava cameo (tuff, more accurately). Victorian, call to some invented Classical time. Why is she?

Lil's concept for a new Richmond monument with @StorefrontRVA@twitter.com

Pulling data for my upcoming 10 years of VA archaeology site file management anniversary dataviz tattoo...

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