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Avery Edison @aedison

Visited the RSS memorial today. After all these years, it's still amazing to see the lightning hit it—every hour, on the hour—and then watch as the sparks ripple out to the aggregator towers at all the cemeteries that are still subscribed.

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@khoover3 @aedison i definetly should live outside francophonia for a while... to catch these jokes
(old project... in the good side i see poetry everywhere :))

@Adth London, in the Google Graveyard.

@aedison I'm pondering your musings and have booked marked you for further listening. Though, I suspect you will forever remain a mystery to me.

@Michael_Spencer sometimes I'm easier to understand, I promise

@aedison No pressure, I may have phrased that unintentionally judgmental.

@aedison You have a certain zest for creative self expression and it struck me as goodness.

@sixfoot6 this is the open web I can say anything I want

@aedison I see that if I click that person's handle in your toot, a null error is thrown. Could that mean the instance admin deleted that account? As far as I know we can't delete our own. It must have been a real shit.

@aedison I know its not real but... I really, really wish I could go there someday, even just once.

@aedison Oh, that reminds me, I need to figure out the #RSS feed for my #mastodon favorites so that I can fave them on my phone and read embedded URLs on my desktop via #TT-RSS later.

Er, wait, is RSS dead? :grinning:

tusk.social/media/Bzzn5o1MUM5O (#dieselsweeties)