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This Two-Headed Citroën 2CV Fire Vehicle Is A Weird, Symmetrical Hero


An US magazine made an article on the 2CV of the village where I grew up, Cogolin (southern France)

Because yes, we have a two-headed 2CV.

@stadion you need pet spiders

Y en a deux chez moi. No more insects


I come from Casablanca, Morocco. 🇲🇦

I speak French, English and Moroccan Darija.

I share songs and music videos, most of the time.

🇲🇦 🇹🇳 🇩🇿

@kimdanes I had a hard time reading this because I thought it was Middle-Eastern Arabic written in Latin Script x)

J'aime beaucoup le Maghreb et je suis content d'en être issu.

J'ai écouté ce matin un très bon podcast sur Cheb Hasni et l'Algérie des années 90.

On reproche au raï son instru cheap, ses sons trop saturés et ses paroles peu recherchées, moi je dis nik les rageux.

Cheb Hasni, Bakhta.

photo eye contact 

@dolfsquare Si je ne l'ai pas déjà fait, je te recommande de lire O Human Star de @bluedelliquanti

Hyper bien, faut le lire depuis le début. 👍

Work عمل 


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US fascism + ICE, call to action 

As always, Tiwa is cool as hell. Very well made music video, consistency in every shot, probably carrying a message but I cannot get it.

Tiwa Savage, 49-99.

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