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I can't tell if this scarf make me feel femme or French.

So relieved that we aren't going to be the suckers to subsidize Amazon's race to the bottom.

Me: I should go pee before this meeting

Also me: ooh, I love this song...

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"Halt," the knight called. "Release her!"
The dragon and the princess looked at him.
"Why?" the princess said.
"Dragons are not pets!"
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Since my use of singular they has people all f'ed up in singulars and plurals, I think I'm going to start using the royal we.

Three weeks later, the user informs me their computer is on a different domain.

Before you download that new library, are you sure you don't already have something that does that?

but I really wish there was a model where internet creators and maintainers got paid.

Mostly because of drive by js doing stupid stuff like bitcoin mining

I finally broke down and installed an ad blocker.

Running computers on the public internet in the age of cyrptocurrency is full of BS.

Decided to wait until the team is back together before I chose to BURN IT ALL DOWN!

Some days, you look inside something that "works enough" and realize that we're all doomed

Ops doesn't spend all day reading and comprehending your code.

I don't know how to tell developers THAT I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEIR CODE DOES any stronger.

Sometimes, I'm surprised that my online friends have normal sounding names.

I think my true self is a rainbow and unicorn loving kid

Oh wait, they were all updates like "uh, that's not us, that's the programmers" and "uh, we decided that two meetings ago"

Telling me two weeks later that I had action items from the meeting I missed doesn't give me time to do them...

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