According to all my promotional mail, today is Green Monday. Have we named all the days between US Thanksgiving and Christmas for shopping?

protip, use a password like : poop : : fire : : joy_cat : so it won't show in Slack or masto if you accidentally type in the wrong box

ProTip change your password to "Does anyone want to go to happy hour?" so when you accidentally type it in Slack, no one knows. Also Happy Hour!

@lindseyb Sometimes I wonder if never having watched it counts against me in being nonbinary.

@laflaneuse Ugh. That's the worst. I've been trying to frame things so the inclusive sounds like the default, but it's not always possible

If anyone needs a nonbinary nipple pic to paste over a female presenting nipple, let me know.

Does the N in npm stand for Norton Antivirus?

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#MastoAdmin heads up:

This potentially impacts Mastodon installations, as event-stream is a sub-sub-sub-dependency, but I'm not sure.

I've opened, hopefully someone who knows npm better than I can provide more useful information :)

(edit to fix link to issue)

@June I can't wait until your car starts up just to mine cryptocurrency

OMG, these coupled microservices aren't doing anyone any favors.

I'm 43 years old. What do I need to do to make sure there are affordable personal exosuits for seniors by the time I'm 80?

@amandarchy I had a lot of those catch up drinks/happy hours/dinners on each side of that coin.

If you ever type "habe" instead of "have" I assume you habe a cold.

Sometimes people start getting excited about buzzword filled IT articles and I wonder if I've lost my ability to read English.

@Chelseaknits I'm in IT management at the U. I make about half what my private sector counterpart does.

Does any talk title inspire you as much as "Salesforce side of Destiny One Integration"

Went to for lunch. No one seemed flamin' to me. 🏳️‍🌈

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