@mathowie I THOUGHT YOUR HEEL WAS A 🍑 IN THE THUMBNAIL! It's worse than those cold shoulder tops!

Just typed up a long response in time for my boss to say the same thing with fewer words and adding nothing. This enby is finally feeling like a woman in tech.

@mxsparks Reminder, hugs only with consent for this sysadmin

@June Actually, thinking back to the bays of cleaning out rollers, I take it back.

@June Should I get a new mom or change her maiden name?

@Mainebot I started messing with USB-C killers, but got tired of carrying around all those dongles.

Working with me is signing up for an endless stream of Slack emojis

OMG, I get to eat those leftovers now. Some nights I really nail it on dinner.

Mastodon, where when someone starts an account on another instance, you see them boosted into your feed and you have to block them again.

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