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Willy Lee @advicepig

Can we stop appropriating dojo and ninja for our nerd things please?

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@advicepig i would also be ok with it if no one ever described me as a "guru" again.

@advicepig Can you explain what the problem is? I'm not trying to be contrarian. I think I just don't understand what the problem is. I imagine Japanese in Japan wouldn't care, but do Japanese Americans feel stereotyped or ostracised by this?

For example, I know no Mexicans who have problem with Mariochi, but I think some USA Mexicans do. Is it a similar situation with ninja and dojo?


@JordiGH Cultural appropriation and racism have everything to do with not being in the majority...

@JordiGH There's also a lot of baggage in the stereotype of hard working exotic Asians wrapped up in the dojo metaphor.

@advicepig I see. So, like yellowface, but a bit more watered down?