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So, faced with a clean slate, who do I want to be here? What do I want to see?

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Please boost: My friend wants to know about #FOSS project management solutions suitable for casual trial and/or non-technical implementation. Ideally they should be friendly to folks with more basic computer skills.

Last night’s look for the Janelle Monáe show.

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Intel: find bugs and we'll pay you

Researchers: okay


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Janelle Monáe at the BET awards. Happy Pride, y'all 😍

What a flash sale on curtains? Isn't that how I prevent flashing my neighbors?

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When you are the solo dev, all git blames point at you.

some days, ten things come at you at once... I got this, but wow....

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🌈 Hoping your week is off to a good start! 💖
I'm offering $500 mini grants to queer folks to be used toward projects/life/whatever. Application open through the end of the month.

Normally, I throw on my headphones so I don't have to listen to other people's bad theories, but I want to be able to refute this crap later.

Like the other kind of tooting, sometimes it's nice to toot without everyone knowing about it.

Getting frustrated that everyone wants me to be happy with a decision rather than just fine with it.

Bold move Costco, putting fennel on the everything bagel.

Gets a 500 error at Ask.metafilter.com which directs me to status.metafilter.com which is an expired wordpress blog? How will I know if I should eat it?

I assure you, no one on this government grant answers to "his"

That was a great bike ride in this morning, but it doesn't change the fact that the bed was soooo cozy and I just want to go back.

Disabling cut and paste on password forms? Who's bad idea was this?

I'm not sure how Janelle Monáe expects to "fuck it all back down" but I am down to try.