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So, faced with a clean slate, who do I want to be here? What do I want to see?

Sometimes, I see people's bios that look just like my fake trolling one on LinkedIn but they don't seem to be trolling...

TFW the meeting you were dreading is over before 10:30 and you don't want to do any more work

As people talk about the lottery, please know that poor people know their likelihood of winning is near zero, but so is their likelihood of working their way out of poverty.

If your response can be summed up with I might cancel your account and send you a reading list.

If I played roller derby, I think my name should be Enby-D

I sometimes wonder if coworker has an internal voice that self doubts or if his internal voice is also a mansplainer talking out of his ass.

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ok i was just reading some medieval demography and realized that the structure of our current american government actually has fewer people making decisions for more people than medieval monarchy

senate representation in california: 1 per 15 million
kings per people in 14th century england: 1 per ~6 million

OH: A: Are you working on a branch?

B: No, but I should be...

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I just don't understand how you can talk out of you ass so confidently. Is this why I'm not a man?

It's such BULLSHIT that the official word is we should recalculate our withholding because this administration gave us a fake tax cut.

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boost if u would date an enby I’m curious

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hey i'm really curious about gender-neutral pronouns in different languages. english has "they", plus a bunch of different neopronouns. what do you use in your language?

(boosts would be great to cast a wider net on this, thx)

I hate that facebook knows my phone number because someone I know allowed it to harvest their contacts.

The problem with saving the day at 9:30 is motivating yourself to do anything else on this fine Friday.

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