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So, faced with a clean slate, who do I want to be here? What do I want to see?

After looking at the baking steel and then the price of plate steel, I'm thinking about making my own...

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The existence of draft horses strongly implies the existence of Final FINAL rev1 (copy) (backup) FINAL3 dot horses.

One nice thing about remote work is the ability to cuss off your boss when he's asking dumb questions with no one over hearing you.

When the boss said version pegging instead of pinning, I snickered. 🍑 🍆

OMG, White people please stop telling Asians to go check the Asian Grocery for big bags of rice! We know it's sold out there and Costco!

I wonder if social isolation will lead to an uptake in sex dolls just for cuddling.

They keep saying revolution, yet I haven't seen a single guillotine.

@stelepami Did you hear they are turning off CarlTown on the 28th? Discussion of how to save shit to pdf in Talk About CarlTown

I'm no genius, I've just made those mistakes already, and took the time to warn you.

Had a chat with my in laws this weekend and intergenerational wealth is wild, y'all.

Based simply on heat, I believe the CPU issues ;)

You know, universe, I did not need all this crap at work to distract me from my vasectomy recovery....

I should quit tech and become a therapist.

My bad attitude is growing. New top down requirements with no guidance makes me crabby.

I keep saying I had a minor surgery, but it was really a surgery to prevent making any minors.

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