*removes cobwebs*
Well someone must have sat on the cables plugged into where I usually am so hello I'll be here for a little bit

The Tree of Life Synagogue is holding a fundraiser to support medical bills, funeral costs, and building repairs needed after a Neo-Nazi from Gab.ai shot up the synagogue during Shabbat morning services.

Please turn out to support them if you can. This is one of the worst individual antisemitic attacks in recent American history


boost if you'd do la casa de papel shit with me

fav if we should go grow potatoes and weed in the middle of a desert

I am so glad the Laplace transform is a linear operator..

The only failed sector is sector 0 I just lost 512 bytes on my 8Gb thumb drive, even the headers bits about partition name and stuff is still in there πŸ˜‚
Time to write some gpt headers I guess

Compiled a script to read block per block on my thumb drive. Apparently the dead sectors are comprised in the beginning, which makes it unusable but still means I can salvage most of the data. I'll have to fill in the 512 bytes gaps though but if they're in header parts I can examine standard documentations and rewrite the headers manually.

Also I'm betting on the fact that the connectors are dead (from how much they're exposed), not the memory chips, which means that with the right kind of fiddling I might be able to salvage what's on it.
Does anybody have pointers regarding what I could do?
(Knowing that I definitely have sufficient backups but I still wanna know what's on it)

My thumb drive is dead, long live my thumb drive! (And thank $DEITY for backups)

Just a little something that came to my mind that I just had to put to page...

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