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Lucius Phifollen

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My first font, Open Comic Font, is almost 10 years old. I made this for a comic book that I was drawing that was never finished.

I'm looking for places I could give my "Creating a Third Wave of Free and Open Source" talk this fall/winter. I cover the history of FOSS, current challenges, and the skills we need to take the next step toward technology for all.

Because of this you end up in this kind of situations where someone has found a way to do something but they keep it for themselves and put it in an app with ads and features unlocked with a "PRO" version

It's really frustrating

ugh, I thought decompiling a java thing, editing one hardcoded value then recompiling it would have been a more straightforward process but apparently decompilers aren't THAT reliable, sigh

Honestly I've been in the custom ROM android community for a while and they absolutely hate open source, for them forking in "kanging" and they just see it as stealing code. They're in just for the fame

are you a demiboy(*)? click here

(*) offer and message also valid for any other non binary identity

anybody know how I could "merge" two TTF fonts? Like, I have a font with only glyphs another one doesn't have, and I'd like to merge them together

- Most of Wicd's current code seems to be runnable in python3. Aside from the occasional parentheseless print, and maybe modules, it *could* work.
- Thanks to some useful tricks from the inspect library I was able to trace back the caller of "daemon.SetConnectionStatus" : it's a method (_message_cb) from dbus' python2 module. Something, possibly outside of Wicd's code, is preventing that method from functioning.
- I really don't wanna go mess around in dbus. Really. But I want my ๐Ÿฆ‡ essid.

Update on my Wicd situation :
- The patch proposed works for curse, and is, in fact, necessary, but the gtk interface relies on connecting status signals that are, somehow, not triggered when the essid is Unicode.
- The true origin of the Wicd Unicode bug is probably somewhere within the daemon's code, linked to the inability to shift to the "misc.CONNECTING" stage. I have no yet identified precisely how non-unicode essid networks trigger that change.
- Python 2.7 is outdated garbage.