I am the most Aquarian person I have ever met. Worship me this season.

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I’m inches away from getting rid of instagram

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Your job as an artist isn't to interpret what you make for an audience. You aren't performing some clever magic trick to wow others with your technique. You aren't an expert house builder who knows just how to cut and join each board. Your job is to bore a gaping hole through your defenses and give an audience the terrifying power of thinking whatever they may about the most intimate parts of you. If you can do that nothing else matters.

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"My dad says you have a weak WiFi password and poor taste in movies."
- My kid talking to the new neighbour just now.


Oh you know, just another obstacle, caused by my own stupidity.

Over the past year or so I developed a strong relationship my feminity, and holy hell it is a powerful and potent energy. It has changed the way I do business, engage friends, and love myself.

I want to be as fucking cool as Cat Power and sexy as Angel Olsen

I want to meet a girl that is Sharon Von Etten song

I once drank half a bottle of whiskey and cried to a Phoebe Bridgers album. It was the first time I cried in years.

Female singers and electric guitars bring out my most soft boi

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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close your eyes. imagine the sexist windows laptop you can. i'm talking the hottest, most fuckable piece of windows-compatible machinery on the planet. open your eyes. you're looking at the HP Spectre 13, aren't you?

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