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In the morning, i played Just Dance Now, funny. While played, almost "boiled myself"

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Poirot is such a good character and deserves at least as much exposure as Holmes

Hoo, another freebie from Humble Bundle! It's a time for "Homefront"! Really, Humble Bundle is really humble ;) humblebundle.com/store/homefro

That feeling, when desk lamp almost fell into cup ramen. Scared so well from it

Funny to see, World in Conflict is not avalaible on Uplay for buying, but they did giveaway for free O_o

Have an Uplay account? Then it is a time to grab free copy of "World in Conflict"! (and why they removed that game from Steam, huh?) ubisoft.com/en-gb/event/world-

Another freebie and another time from Humble Bundle! Now it's a time for The Bureau: XCOM Declassified humblebundle.com/store/the-bur

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Fed up with #YouTube? Let's build a free-libre alternative that combines federated hosting and peer-to-peer viewing. Learn more and support the #PeerTube project here: framatube.org/#en framapiaf.org/media/pA7Wi_Wdnh

Damn man, another freebie on Humble Bundle. That time is "Sanctum 2" humblebundle.com/store/sanctum

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is NOT DEAD YET. Congress has stopped FCC votes before. Do NOT give up!

1) BOOST this to help spread the word that we can still stop this.

2) CALL your lawmakers: battleforthenet.com

3) PROTEST at Verizon stores on Dec 7: VerizonProtests.com

/Via @fightfortheftr@twitter.com

Freebies alert! On Humble Bundle there is giveaway of "BrĂ¼tal Legend" for a limited time! humblebundle.com/store/brutal-

The rest of birthday evening I going to play 100% Orange Juice. With glass of beer and salad :3

Firefox 57 (also known as Firefox Quantum) is a magic. Works better than older version on my 9 y.o. PC with linux O_o

If you don't set price of game in UAH, players from UA can't buy a game. For example, GTA series still without price. So i can't buy this.

While Steam added UAH to the store, some gamedevs are too lazy to set price of their games in the new currency. Which is not ok