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This is very important:

"Article 13 of the Copyright Directive will force internet platforms (social networks, video sites, image hosts, etc.) to install upload filters to monitor all user uploads for copyrighted content, including in images – and thus block most memes, which are usually based on copyrighted images.


It will come down to every single vote. (...) The NGO EDRi has made a list of key swing votes: edri.org/files/Copyright_JURI_

This will affect #Fediverse.

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This would break the internet.

Imagine YouTube Content ID, but for everything: blog comments, tweets, Github commits, Instagram photos, replies to newspaper articles, rental listings, dating profiles.

This is being proposed in the EU. #Article13
motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art source: twitter.com/torproject/status/

My PC is mere looser when comes to Quake game. Ha-ha, fat chance.

That feeling, when you stuck at this track and want ro ride on motorbike into horizon. youtu.be/tk2eUGISZpk

@valvin Hey, fix your damn bot on P&C! :C

While GitHub was bought by M$, Apple tell anyone about OpenGL deprecation in favor of their Metal API. No Vulkan support. Seems like they want their Mac systems dead.

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Are you currently looking at a bland desktop? Is your wallpaper uninspiring? Do your eyes crave something other than the default desktop wallpaper?

If you have a computer capable of displaying wallpaper you owe it to your pixels to check out peppercarrot.com/en/static6/so

@davidrevoy has some amazing artwork up there that is just waiting to grace your desktop / background.

Only you can prevent bland desktops.

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Micro$oft is buying GitHub?

A home for countless open source projects and their source code, GitHub, has been shown interest from M$.

Thanks to GNOME Project and Debian Linux guidance has been shed on how to prepare for the mass FOSS migration. CLA (Contributor License Agreement) has been removed, features has been added.

GitLab can optionally be self hosted, too.

GitLab help with the possible mass migration! ---> youtu.be/VYOXuOg9tQI
#GitLab #GitHub #migration #Linux #OpenSource

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That feeling, when Youtube recommended to watch this... That meme is back...

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Now two bots are following me here... What's next, huh? O_o

When i want to favourite one certain tweet, i remember, twitter sure will tell to everyone from my "followers" list, what i liked. So i won't do that. Instead i save the link to tweet privately in my stash :>

Psst, here is nice freebie for good old game Unreal Gold both on GOG and Steam!
GOG: gog.com/game/unreal_gold
Steam store.steampowered.com/app/132

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⚛️Weekly Video Tutorial: Dark matter cloud particles effect with #krita
Link: youtu.be/bKaCwqTVLus

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Shit! Which exact shade of red is my favorite again??

#funny #ui #ux #design

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Sounds to me like third party Twitter clients should re-tool for the Fediverse and re-launch their apps after writing an open letter telling the world that Twitter is dead
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