When you tryin' to get working that damn capture card, but you failing, because that card won't start or driver is not working. And this annoys myself so much, i'm rather to throw a tantrum than tryin' to fix that!

Yesterday i watched "Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san". Well, i like how the seagull broke 4-th wall in episode 8 :D

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🚀After a month of work, I launched the new Pepper&Carrot website! Discover the new features and contents → davidrevoy.com/article722/

First day of summer and already so hot in my apartments as usually does: +28 in room, no aircon whatsoever. Such hell for me...

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Bug Migration Season Starts Today! Hey #Inkscapers ! Want to play a game, earn some swag & help #Inkscape at the same time? Come join us for the Great Inkscape Bug Migration! First-timers & experienced wranglers should apply: alpha.inkscape.org/bug-migrati

Damn, Twitter and Mastodon broke my joke by exposing one of my links in previous tweet/toot >_< Why i don't have an option to disable preview while writing new tweet/toot?

Meanwhile Ukraine is voting now. So if you are citizen on Ukrane, go vote now, your vote is important! | Тим часом Україна голосує. Та якщо ти є громадянином України, проголосуй, твій голос дуже важливий!

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BREAKING: Europe’s MEPs cave to lobbyists, ignore five million online petitioners, hundreds of thousands of protesters, and approve #article13 and #article11. Find out what happens to the disastrous Copyright Directive next: eff.org/deeplinks/2019/03/eus-

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The #Article13 vote is today.

However it goes, it highlights the dangers of internet services hosted by someone else.

Self-hosting lets you control your own internet services and access them from your phone or computer, just like you would normally. Only you have access to the server they run on, which means ultimate privacy 👍

These projects are trying to make it easier for beginners:




#SelfHosting #CommunityHosting

Huh, from 3 PC mouses i managed to repair 2 of them, while third one goes as replacement parts, which is good, because i don't have money to buy good mouse from trusted brands.

Old Motorola RAZR V3i. Due it's age, scratched and not working. But for these old times, that was a phone of cult. instagram.com/p/Bu01xHkAJEz

That feeling, when your old monitor know Japanese, while you - not.

You are livin in EU? Afraid of censorship of copyrust? Vote now like you life at stake, goddamnit! *whispers*: really, i don't wanna to see another "kwangmyong" tomorrow pledge2019.eu/en

humblebundle.com/games/neptuni - 2 days left before that bundle goes *poof!*. btw, i got 3 games from first tier of that bundle and i happy :D

When you want that bunlde so badly, but you remembered, you don't have any money to buy... humblebundle.com/games/neptuni

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