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Well, battery of my phone got 14%. Plugged my charger into my phone - nothing. Took my mom's charger - works fine. Tried my charger with cable from mom' phone - Works fine. My cable is died just damn fine. But I'm flat on my budget already. Goddamit

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@Rive Yet. But i have a tool, to find a twitter friends, which used mastodon as well :) From this i found you ;) mastodon-bridge.herokuapp.com/

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The current list of ways something can get into the federated timeline [of your instance]:

- someone from your server is following that user
- someone from your server replied to that user
- someone from your server is following someone who replied to that user
- someone from your server liked/boosted it
- someone from your server copy/pasted the link into the search box, causing the server to load it
via - cybre.space/users/nightpool/up

First note from real phone. Tusky is good client for Mastodon. I hope, developers can push this onto F-Droid at least :)

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Here is my first episode of #Privamics titled "Nothing to hide"

I whish talking about #privacy but with a bit of humor.

I hope the translation is good enought

FR blog post is here : blog.valvin.fr/2017/04/14/priv

#comics #krita #inkscape #creativecommon


However, I listning music right now from smartphone, checking CM11 firmware. Hope, this one will not broke my audio volume

In this night, all tv channels, which i receive on my antenna, broadсact only one thing - live from church.

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[fr] Weekend de Pâques en Pologne chez mes beaux parent et peinture des oeufs à nos effigies :-)
[en] Easter weekend in Poland in house of my parent in law and painting of eggs looking like ourselves :-)

Today i fixed my tablet and now it's ready to work. At last, it's still needed to replace battery and antenna octodon.social/media/XNLfPxa_U

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