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One of my favorite things: The NASA Tire Assault Vehicle (TAV), used during the testing of Space Shuttle Tires, should they become dangerously damaged or worn and require deflation.

It's an RC Tank with a drill bolted to the top.


Rip to me, who heated up the oven, got leftover pizza out of the fridge, put foil on a pan, put the pizza on the pan, then walked off for 20 minutes without putting the pizza in the oven

I've been dusting so much today and my sinuses are on fire 😂

Today was my last day at the current employer. I left a little early, did the rounds and said goodbye to folks. 2 hours after I leave, I get a message from my manager: "I assume today was your last day. Sorry we didn't get to do a farewell lunch. Good luck!"


I got lectured about Werner Von Braun by an unfathomably old man while buying beer at the Publix, so I guess you can say I've had the full Huntsville experience.

There's some bitter irony in the fact that the first, only, and last time I visit a NASA Center with my current employer, it's during the middle of a pandemic, and I can't even enjoy it. Tours, museums, etc are all shut down. No on-center dining is open. It'll be lab -> fast food -> lab -> hotel -> fast food -> hotel -> repeat for 3-5 days.

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Cool cool, my covid-denying boss is walking around the office coughing a whole bunch :)

Wow, I am not even done with $oldJob and I already feel the weight of its oppression lifting.

At the new place, I'm gonna build a fancy grape arbor from some rough-cut cedar the local sawmill carries, and join it together with some fancy Japanese joinery

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And it's weird leaving a "dream job" for something more boring. Although at this point I'm convinced that the new job will, at least, make the world bad at a slower rate than the space job. And give me the brainspace I need to learn and do more in the service of making the world better.

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I'm definitely still working my way through this one, but leaving the space industry soon has my in my thoughts.

One of the hardest realizations for me is that working in a mostly-positive subfield of an industry that is essentially a giant military industrial subsidy does not a greater good make. In fact, mostly what you get are halfass attempts at science from folks that would rather be working at furthering fascism.

Hey hey, finally got my site automatically building again! And got my new theme pushed and working!

Now, to make some content that isn't ooooold....

Not to anarchist on main, but this holiday we are REALLY sowing the fruits of capitalisms efforts to eradicate critical thinking skills while still educating a cohort of (mostly) white folks with the skills necessary to enable the technocratic treadmill of infinite growth

Ah to be able to write long-form with the self-confidence and lack of introspection of a 20 year old white man raised in the suburbs

Is it just me, or is OSS being commercialized / walled-garden-ified at a rate hitherto unseen?


Ughhh, I've had a backache, headache, and tight jaw for the past 3 days and I have no idea why.

Couldn't be the stress, right? Nothing stressful going on in my life or the broader world at all.

wow, even when you're fed up with it, it's surprisingly difficult to quit a job.

I am big emotionally drained.

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I got the job offer! And it's a HUGE upgrade over the current job. I didn't realize how much I was getting screwed. 30% raise, a SIGNING BONUS, an RSU stock grant vested over 4 years, and better insurance that's $100 a pay period cheaper than what I have right now.

Plus! Less stress! A more well-managed company!

Woo! I've put some of my handmade camera straps up on an Etsy store! I'd love to know what y'all think!

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