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Everyone in Kentucky praising the "bipartisanship" of letting everyone vote by mail. This "bipartisan victory" just looks like leftism with extra steps to me.

Spent the past day figuring out how to get GNU Build ID information available in 8-bit AVRs.

Long story short: Custom linker script time!

Humans are just about in the middle of smallest possible things, and biggest possible things, which is remarkable, really.

Maybe weirder, is that we're definitely on the cold side of all possible temperatures.


There are a lot of cute folks on fediverse

Well now that Bernie Sanders has joined Jesse Jackson and Eugene McCarthy in the "Progressives who couldn't even make it past the primary" club, the time has come to stop voting blue no matter who and to get organized. Join the IWW, get your workplace unionized, form a tenant union, get that worker's council going, stop expecting the state to save you and start working on saving yourselves together.

*Reading about computer*
> Several appealing things
Yes, good
*Continues reading*
> CPU: some x86 abomination
*Closes tab in disappointment*

I hope that one of the lessons we take away from this crisis is the utter destruction wrought by commuting.

What if working in the same physical place was saved for rare occasions?

What if we better integrated our home and work lives without the need to be elsewhere.

What if we didn't have to work during the same hours if we're in the same city or timezone?

What if we spent our time socializing, working; at home, in cafes, bars, restaurants, libraries, close to home?

What if we stopped building edifices of glass, concrete, and steel and instead grew communities?

You already know the answer.

a math rock grunge fusion band called the lagrunge points

Zuph life update 

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Zuph life update 

Me: *wants to call horseshit*

My Brain: Hang on, Brad, let's tone it down a little, this is a work meeting. Something like "poppycock" ought to do.

My Mouth: Horsey cock.

Spent all day trying to get either clion or vscode to debug a remote rust executable with either lldb or gdb, and ran into nothing but ridiculously esoteric errors. Cool cool.


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Y'all, I've got to share this project name I came up with. We're extracting oxygen from lunar regolith.

Fused Regolith Oxygen Manufacture in Austere Geochemical Environments



COVID-19, Capitalist Ghouls 

COVID-19, Boss, Work 

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