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1. (colloquial) very good, pleasing, desirable
2. (colloquial) bad, evil, disgusting
3. (colloquial, vulgar) slang for penis
4. (colloquial) a regional pastry made of fried dough"

-the definition of every single word you look up in a language you don't speak

After spending the past couple months futzing around with both Rust and Go, my totally uninformed opinion is:

Go appeals to high-level developers that want to write lower level code.

Rust appeals to low-level programmers that want to write higher-level code.

"Get a job doing what you love, and never work a day in your life!"

I'm sorry, did you mean, "Develop an incredible guilt complex over not feeling satisfied by work AND an incredible guilt complex over not being able to engage your hobbies"?

This honestly brings up more questions than it answers

Suddenly big mad about how helium is a non-renewable resource and we're absolutely squandering it

Pssst, "Individuals making software have zero leverage against large corporations and governments" and "Ethical licenses that aren't technically 'free software' are a meaningful expression of protest and intent" can BOTH be true at the same time, pass it on.

Had our intern make a board that causes communication faults on purpose

"The panel has a larger concern with the rigor of Boeing's verification processes" is impressively diplomatic. I'd be more blunt: between this and the 737 MAX, do not trust Boeing for life-critical software.

Really glad this picopsu had a barrel jack connector that fell apart at the barest possible interaction, gives me a lot of faith that it won't burn my house down.

US Pol, but funny antics 

It's the year 2020 and I can't dial internationally from work because we don't have an international phone plan

The Sci-Hub raven makes a good addition to my office door.

I'm really looking forward to virtual conferences becoming a thing. Air travel is unsustainable, and a huge cost-barrier, conferences generally aren't disability friendly, and way more.

A lot more conferences are getting better at live streaming talks, getting them online quickly, or even live-captioning and -translation. But I wanna see these conferences fully online! Recreating hallway talk is gonna be a tough nut to crack though.

oh my god, apparently the license for the original implementation of JSON states

> The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

and because of this the FSF considers it a "non-free" license <>

Why do French zoomers cringe at ostrich eggs?

They're a big oeuf!

Weird Anxiety Dreams 

Abuse, Self Reflection 

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