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why don't therapists sell gift cards, it really seems like a missed opportunity

someone please make a tower-defense like game that is based around community defense. keeping ICE, cops, and fascists out while building your community through free food programs, community centers, churches, and the like
i used to be really into having the newest computer gadget. now i use refurbished hardware. it's so much cheaper. it lasts. it reduces landfill waste. it's great, and i don't really feel like i am missing out on much tech-wise.

here are some tips if you need tech stuff but don't want to spend a lot of money, support horrible companies, and such (1/n)

Please enjoy this extremely cursed gif of a Raspberry Pi being conformal coated

ah jubilation slash dread, the eternal mood of spaceflight.

so what era of capitalism are we in that an essential oils pyramid scheme is flying to the space station?

Science fiction has left me with a truly unrealistic understanding of how competent aerospace engineers are.

everyone making Basilisk jokes better be careful, make the wrong one and you'll be obligated to date Elon Musk

One boss I had as an intern restored antique fire trucks in his spare time

Maybe these folks are built to be artists, musicians, teachers, stay at home parents, etc. But we don't value that. Who can blame them for taking the next best option?

I'd love to see the processes I have to follow at work become less asinine, and more streamlined. But I'm certainly not going to begrudge some civil servant for that.

Instead, let's build a society where folks can do what they want, at the pace they want

It's largely not true. These people are doing a job that's necessary, and sure, they might not be doing it in the most efficient way, with the most modern tools, but that's a different problem to solve.

AND, who could blame them?! In our society, a gov job is secure, pays reasonably well, has good retirement options, has pretty good healthcare, and lots of other benefits.

Lots of civil servants I've met have hobbies and other passions they work for.

I work in aerospace, on the private company side, and we have to interact with a whole bunch of Government workers, contractors, and civil servants in order to do our jobs (and to do them safely). From coworkers and others, I constantly hear ragging on the public employees.

"These people are just trying to justify their useless position." "They're just creating red tape so they'll still have a job." etc etc etc.

That's infuriating for a bunch of reasons:

I'm in Arizona this week for work. Despite the crushing heat, it's quite beautiful.

Anytime I think I've come up with a bad and shameful way to move data between things, I remember literally any PC standard from the 90's and early 00's

*as i nurse a minor sprained ankle* okay okay, cool cool, arrangement of foot ligaments not ideal. but hey, at least im not horse

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This is why I shoplift from high-income neighborhoods

Concept: Relaxing open world game where you and your friends build a Utopia on the ruins of society. Scavenge power lines and solar panels to create a microgrid. Tend the garden. Find an old bike and turn it into a cargo bike.

No currency, no cops, no monsters.

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