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My Silly Mistake of the day: I've designed a battery powered device that can turn itself off after an idle time to save power.

My first bit of debugging firmware immediately pulls that pin the wrong direction.

So now my thing immediately turns itself off.


TIL: Jim Keller was an instrumental part of designing AMD's most successful microarchitectures (K8, Zen, and others). And lead Tesla's autopilot program. And is married to Jordan P*terson's sister.

That's a rollercoaster.

Poll worker: Is that a gill-o-tine on your shirt?
Me: yes, yes it is
Poll worker: Do you want to kill people?
Me: Well, no, but sometimes the symbolism of...
Poll worker, whispering: I want to kill people

With any luck I'll never have to tear my place apart for a flash drive again

I am totally convinced these ads are generated by a neural network

Today I learned that the reason we mostly encode [CARRIAGE RETURN + LINE FEED] and not [LINE FEED + CARRIAGE RETURN] has to do with teletype machines (these were typewriters hooked up to computers that supported input and output). Because CR is moving the print head about 8 inches right-to-left, and LF is scrolling the paper down ~1/4", LF took less time. If you sent CR/LF to certain models of teletype it could do the LF *during* the CR, saving a little time.

Today I went to a fiber festival and bought a bunch of fluff! Next up, learning how to spin.


surplus value is just marxist findom send toot

love to spend my morning debugging wacky atomicity issues

all plastic is 3d printed for a sufficiently broad definition of 3d printing send toot

Idle dreaming of computer upgrades: Both my laptop and my desktop will be reaching senescence at about the same time, probably in the next 1-2 years. Maybe instead of replacing them both, I'll start saving now, and get a really wizard laptop, and an egpu dock for it

Happy . I'm replacing the keys in a crap mechanical keyboard. The new keys cost more than I originally paid for the keyboard, but this should fix it up nice, and it's a little less eWaste than if I just threw the whole thing away.

I wrote a quick little blog post about distributing a reset signal in systems with multiple nodes:

why do men insist on keeping friendships with shitty people????

like you don't have to interact with them or be nice to them just bc you've known them for a long time and once were close

remove them, stop inviting them places, stop making other folks feel uncomfortable or even unsafe to be With You because you refuse to remove those people from your life

stallman voice: the fifth freedom is the freedom to have your unpaid labor exploited for profit

our spaceflight payload legitimately has a part called the "sponge detector" and I'm not over it

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