*as i nurse a minor sprained ankle* okay okay, cool cool, arrangement of foot ligaments not ideal. but hey, at least im not horse

food mention 

food mention 

food mention 

food mention 

@FASA_Andrew_1879 This may or may not help, but this site was posted to a slack I'm part of this morning: noageismintech.com/ (Job listings from companies claiming to want to fight ageism in tech)

Sorry you've got to deal with this!

This is why I shoplift from high-income neighborhoods

Concept: Relaxing open world game where you and your friends build a Utopia on the ruins of society. Scavenge power lines and solar panels to create a microgrid. Tend the garden. Find an old bike and turn it into a cargo bike.

No currency, no cops, no monsters.

re: union dream, portland earthquake 

work gripe (minor) 

Received a solicitation today offering to let me buy the contact info of all 10k+ attendees of Maker Faire Detroit 2019, including name, email. phone, and full mailing address.

So there's definitely an organization to lend your contact info to.

@popefucker this is DEFINITELY what I will sound like after a decade+ of not playing anything

This double reed thread is beautiful etsy.com/shop/SquirrelyStash

Wishing I could play oboe, or that cheap ones were even in the realm of affordability πŸ˜…

I managed to snag an old student clarinet at a thrift store for super cheap! It needs new cork and a good cleaning, but it looks in pretty good shape!

I'm looking forward to annoying my roommate with exuberant honking.

i have a sort of weird hypothesis regarding friendships and it’s that if you can go to the grocery store with someone and have fun doing it then you truly enjoy their company

patches are just challenge coins for non-fascists send toot

Oh, fun fact from a friend of mine: "Bowersox was an anomaly in the spacesuit world. He's missing half of one of his little fingers and therefore had to have a unique glove for his left and his right hand. Everyone else just has a glove that is mirrored for both hands."

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