Concept: MP3 player for the apocalypse. Machined aluminum housing, lexan screen cover, eInk display, runs forever on one AAA battery, waterproof to 30 feet, dual SD card slots with some sort of redundancy built in so you don't lose your music even if one dies.

Bad memories 

@brennen @garbados And on the subject of the Maker™©® memeplex, DIY as a way to get the affluent just far enough up the Dunning-Kruger curve to justify their sense of superiority over the proles

headline anger 

there is Fall Weather! and i am going to go on a Short Hike today and have a Picnic!

The best part about having a million projects at once? It's no longer "procrastination," it's "moving the ball forward a little bit on everything"

Local university is auctioning off a Tek 2465, that's gonna be tempting...

I haven't been able to get myself to want to do anything but shave yaks this week and it's A downer, but on the plus side, I have a fun new .zshrc

I had a problem today and I thought, "Maybe I can make that look nice with Latex" and I have /completely/ forgotten what it was.

So in a fit of good fortune, I've gone from 2 problems to none problems!

Work Rambling 

Work Rambling 

Work Rambling 

Work Complaining, Minor 

Work Complaining, Minor 

Work Complaining, Minor 

Lukewarm take, open source software 

Any sufficiently self-effacing tech writing is indistinguishable from audience condescension

Not every day that you get totally new lab space at work that's yours, all yours!

Linux users are wizards: they do more work for the same functions, but in exchange they get more flexibility and power.

Windows users are sorcerer: they get innate support and intuitive functions, but not nearly as many tricks as the wizards.

Mac users are warlocks: they bonded their souls to a malevolent power that doesn't actually care about them.

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