It turns out that custom printed webbing is highly affordable.

I got a new old oscilloscope for very cheap!

Now to get some expensive probes for it...

This is me subtooting the entire embedded rust community

COVID-19, Capitalist Ghouls 

Yo check out this completely ghoulish email my sister got from her boss. (Pastebin for screenreaders: )

COVID-19, Boss, Work 

Boss sent this email while on vacation in Guatemala today. It's not the most callous email I've seen from this thing, but shew...

Having trouble motivating myself in my hobbies the right ways lately

This honestly brings up more questions than it answers

Had our intern make a board that causes communication faults on purpose

Happy Lunar New Year, and Happy Year of the Rat everyone!

Picrew post 

It me! Well, it me if I could pull off that kind of hair (damn you thin hair)

Petition to rename this heater at my roommate's gym "Vent Reznor"

Believe it or not, this getup measures water level with stunning accuracy

C'mon, Wikipedia, [Citation Needed]. I'm pretty sure Americans knew about Chipotle peppers before 1993. And the American Southwest is a thing.

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