I'm in Puerto Rico this week, and yesterday I visited the Arecibo Observatory, the biggest single-dish telescope humanity has constructed. Owing to failing science budgets, an administrative disdain for Puerto Rico, and hurricane damage, the visitors center is now their single biggest source of income. They'll let almost anyone observe if they're able to cut a check, starting at just $500.

With any luck I'll never have to tear my place apart for a flash drive again

I am totally convinced these ads are generated by a neural network

Today I went to a fiber festival and bought a bunch of fluff! Next up, learning how to spin.

Happy . I'm replacing the keys in a crap mechanical keyboard. The new keys cost more than I originally paid for the keyboard, but this should fix it up nice, and it's a little less eWaste than if I just threw the whole thing away.

So it turns out you can put custom boot images on Lenovo laptops

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My friend is trying to buy a very affordable and reasonable condo. In filling out her loan forms, this is what she's presented with (image attached). In what fucking universe do these people live?

Happy ! This is only marginally DIY, as a friend and I are attempting to get into actually selling the stuff, but today I roasted almost 5 lbs of coffee!

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all the cells in my body when i drink real water (not coffee or soda) for like the first time in 2 days

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