Coming soon to the hood of a kinda crappy truck near me: my solar solution for not having to figure out why the battery slowly drains

One of my favorite things: The NASA Tire Assault Vehicle (TAV), used during the testing of Space Shuttle Tires, should they become dangerously damaged or worn and require deflation.

It's an RC Tank with a drill bolted to the top.

Selfie, EC, I made a thing! 

No camera strap? No problem!

Selfie, EC, New Glasses 

New Glasses Day! I can see more betterer!

I fixed this lens! A little bit ago the aperture blades were stuck, and now they aren't!

Selfie, self-develooed photos 

I did it! Developed my own film! The scanning setup needs help, but I call this a win.

The past few weeks, I've been getting into film photography. Got an old Pentax K1000, and I've been trying to snap pictures everywhere I go.

This weekend, my partner got me a kit of stuff to develop my own film, which is as close to magic as anything I've ever experienced.

I can tell my 30s are going to be defined by being upset that I was never exposed to the arts more growing up!

It turns out that custom printed webbing is highly affordable.

I got a new old oscilloscope for very cheap!

Now to get some expensive probes for it...

This is me subtooting the entire embedded rust community

COVID-19, Capitalist Ghouls 

Yo check out this completely ghoulish email my sister got from her boss. (Pastebin for screenreaders: )

COVID-19, Boss, Work 

Boss sent this email while on vacation in Guatemala today. It's not the most callous email I've seen from this thing, but shew...

Having trouble motivating myself in my hobbies the right ways lately

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