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My friend is trying to buy a very affordable and reasonable condo. In filling out her loan forms, this is what she's presented with (image attached). In what fucking universe do these people live?

Happy ! This is only marginally DIY, as a friend and I are attempting to get into actually selling the stuff, but today I roasted almost 5 lbs of coffee!

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all the cells in my body when i drink real water (not coffee or soda) for like the first time in 2 days

Happy ! Today, I made some rat hammocks and a rat ramp, so I could wait a little while between cage cleanings and rat laundry, and so the boys would have a way to go between their cage and my bed. Hopefully this coaxes them to explore a little more!

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Whenever one of the four websites I'm constantly switching between goes down.

30 minutes in the bathroom offering treats to these BBs, and they haven't set one paw outside their carrier!

Say hello to Tycho, Kepler, and Copernicus! Home today! I'm a very nervous rat parent.

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