Not every day that you get totally new lab space at work that's yours, all yours!

My workbench hack of the day: VHB tape accessories to the side for easy, yet somewhat hidden access.

Regolith simulants have arrived! Time for some plant growth experiments!

I didn't think it was possible for a website to roll coal, but here we are. (The first website is my personal website, the second is that of my employer)

There was a proposal in the 90s to dismantle the Space Shuttle Columbia and turn it into a mini-International Space Station.

Thank goodness we ended up with the ISS that we did!

Please enjoy this extremely cursed gif of a Raspberry Pi being conformal coated

so what era of capitalism are we in that an essential oils pyramid scheme is flying to the space station?

I'm in Arizona this week for work. Despite the crushing heat, it's quite beautiful.

I'm in Puerto Rico this week, and yesterday I visited the Arecibo Observatory, the biggest single-dish telescope humanity has constructed. Owing to failing science budgets, an administrative disdain for Puerto Rico, and hurricane damage, the visitors center is now their single biggest source of income. They'll let almost anyone observe if they're able to cut a check, starting at just $500.

With any luck I'll never have to tear my place apart for a flash drive again

I am totally convinced these ads are generated by a neural network

Today I went to a fiber festival and bought a bunch of fluff! Next up, learning how to spin.

Happy . I'm replacing the keys in a crap mechanical keyboard. The new keys cost more than I originally paid for the keyboard, but this should fix it up nice, and it's a little less eWaste than if I just threw the whole thing away.

So it turns out you can put custom boot images on Lenovo laptops

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