Personal COVID Update 

I'm definitely feeling better, slowly but surely. I'm lucky I didn't have it any worse.

Still dealing with slight congestion and a light cough. I'm isolating until after tomorrow, exceeding most guidelines I've seen by at least 4 days.

Mask up, double mask. Even taking all available precautions, and only going to the grocery / pharmacy, I still got it.

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re: Personal COVID Update 

@djsundog @Zuph

yeah, good to see, and thanks for the update!

Personal COVID Update 

@Zuph Glad to hear you're at least feeling better!

Personal COVID Update 

@Zuph glad you're on the mend. That's really scary that you were being so careful and got it anyway. :/ I'm very careful, too and I'm worried about getting it and giving it to my diabetic spouse.

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