Work, Nepotism, Rant 

One thing that really bothers me: When my boss does a nepotism and hires his children as interns, they're basically given non-critical work items and the leeway to do what they want with them. "Social media intern", etc.

If they do nothing at all of value, they've met expectations, while if they happen to do something positive for the business, well, praise be! What a little genius we have here!

When really, they were given the freedom to do something new. Meanwhile...

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Work, Nepotism, Rant 

If I or anyone else do something risky and fail, we risk being fired. Or, at best, losing political capital and favor within the company. And if we do something risky and succeed? Well, that's just us doing our job. Boss and manager get to take credit (and reap the rewards).

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