I've always had a difficult time squaring my vocation with doing good in the world, but now I think I've crossed the line where I can no longer really buy into that.

Technocracy isn't improving the world, especially wrt the biggest problems, and most of the aerospace industry is actively making the world worse (even if my little corner isn't).

But I've spent my whole life training on this electrical engineering and code stuff. Where to go from here? Especially where to go without starving.

Like I guess for now I'll just keep mindlessly clocking my 40 and do what I can in my off time 🤷

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@Zuph If you think all technology is bad there really is no answer. If you can find a project that you think is doing even a little bit of good and will pay you, maybe that is what you need to look for.

@Zuph Yuhhh I'm in the same boat as you homie. Two years from graduating in EE and I got homies working in Aerospace already who straight up can't handle seeing the political/economic fallout and are planning on quitting.

I want to work on mesh net ISPs and eventually get mega into fully open source development, hopefully work with Open Source Ecology to try and localize some of the heavy industry we rely on.

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