I don't think I've ever actually experienced a time when I haven't been complete disenchanted by work and capitalism. Which is in stark contrast to my experience of school and education growing up.

I'm not sure if it's always been like this, or if I'm more affected personally.

I think a lot of that is because work is never "done," while school can be. Homework finished, you're free!

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But from my first job, it was just ceaseless, endless. At <Grocery Chain> I was explicitly denied promotion because I worked too hard at my more-menial job.

At my first IT job, my bosses were astounded at how many tickets I'd take care of in a day, until I realized that no matter how many I took care of, there were always more.

And of course, that continues to today!

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I'm sure this also intersects with various undiagnosed ADHD/ASD things, too, but just once I'd love to have a job that either gave me discrete and accomplishable things, or gave me enough time to do my work to the standard I want without interruption.

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@Zuph I have wondered lately: what would a work environment _tailored to ADHD_ look like?

@Zuph Kinda wondering about a system where roles are not so firmly attached to individuals, but are "hats" that can be passed around as people burn out, or get interested, or feel able. Likewise for projects: it should be normal, and expected, and encouraged, to hand a project midway over to someone else, for them to take over when you've just hit a wall. I think documenting projects in progress well enough to hand over is something most ADHD folks I know would not find too hard. Maybe not.

@Zuph An organisation to handle this alternative view of work would probably have to be a coop though, so that equal respect and support can be woven into this loosely-roled workflow.
Suitable technology to assist with handover would also be needed. And well-cultured ways of communicating, regularly checking-in with each other, etcetera. No room for productivity-dysphoria, because no one person is productive, only the group and the context, failures and dropped balls inclusive.
I'd like that..

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