Zuph life update 

Haven't been here much. Been avoiding social media for mental health, and it's been working on and off 😂

Work has very suddenly changed tack from "No remote work" to "Everyone remote work," and very suddenly gotten very concerned with cashflow, although as best I can tell, nothing has changed for us as a result of COVID?

As an introvert, I'm dealing pretty well. Cooking more for myself, playing more video games, which is about as healthy a stress response as I could imagine.


Zuph life update 

Anxiety very high, but then again, for who isn't it?

Working to support my friends and loved ones as much as I can, remotely and materially. Fortunately, no one I'm close with has (yet) been terribly affected. The state I'm in is doing a mediocre job of responding to this thing, even if the city is doing fuck-all.

Hope all you other comrades are well!

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