Tech conspiracy theory of the day: The reason IPv6 adoption has been so slow, and the tools show to improve, is because it totally decommodifies a resource that corporations would rather keep scarce and charge money for.

@Zuph agree .. e.g. Micro$oft recently bought a bunch of IP addresses at 8 $ each. Virtual resources (fake) #scarcity is the new #bigtech
corporations business ?

cc @dublinux

where are our #IPv6 addresses ?

@jordila @Zuph @dublinux Theoretically, if the prices of IPv4 addresses go up, the cost of the internet will rise. After a certain point #IPv6 should become a more viable option.

Corporations would NEVER do that. In corporations we trust.

@nestort What do you think blockchain does? Create scarcity for virtual assets easily. Ownership, transfer, etc... So, yeah, I admit I agree with that conspiracy theory.

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