I got a tiny electric spinning wheel today! Now to start making lots of lumpy yarn!

@Zuph my drop spindle arrived today! here's to makin' lumpy yarn!

@hafnia ah heck yeah! I tried a drop spindle, but could never really get the hang of it! I'm hoping an electric wheel is a little easier.

@Zuph I'm hopeful that I can get it to work -- it's mostly a "is this something I really want to do" before I pay for a big wheel. :)

@Zuph nice! if I don't have luck with the drop spindle I'll have to check it out. (I picked up this one off etsy because the spindle plus roving was $15, and I figure that is a low enough price point for me to try and fail at it. :D )

@hafnia We'll have to compare lumpy yarn progress 😉

@Zuph I'll be happy to compare progress with someone! I've already promised one of my friends that I will send her my ugliest yarn to use for Art. :D

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