Embarrassing admission time: Model trains? Super cool. If I had time, money, and space, I'd be super into model trains.

@Zuph Model trains are super cool. My father-in-law had an entire basement set up with trains and it went through villages and he built bridges and painted trees, and it is so much fun to play with. If I had the spare time and the cash, I would totally get into this.

@Zuph I read an article recently about this guy who kept getting thrown out of model train competitions because instead of traditional village scenes he made them look like natural disaster scenes with monsters and they were so cool. I’ll see if I can find it.

@franciecashman Oh that rules.

My dream setup is to make a fake mass-transit system for my town. Commuter rail, street cars, the whole shebang.

@Zuph Oh boy, don't ever try Factorio in that case, it will consume you

@deltaidea Spacechem and Satisfactory have each eaten WEEKS of my life. WEEKS.

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